Investors wishing to join or form a new SOS Group Recovery Action must go through the investment review process. See the ‘After Investment Prices’ tariffs. 

If a group of investors would like SOS to work with them on recovery actions we offer discounted rates on our tariffs. Please contact us for more details.

We require all the information and documents from each investor involved in an action. We review everything in order to build a complete picture from the very first contact with an investor through to the eventual collapse of the investment.



This action commenced in April 2018 against one of the parties involved in the Bar Works investment. It is being led by a UK solicitor specialising in financial services legislation, working alongside the Safe Or Scam investigation team. The investor group is large and involves investors from every continent. The claim amounts to several million pounds.

 Bar Works Inc was formed and operated from the USA. It raised more than $35 million from investors. The mastermind was a British citizen who was a UK disqualified director and, at the time he formed Bar Works, was being prosecuted by the FCA in the UK for establishing investment scams which raised more than £40 million. He is now facing charges of fraud brought by the FBI in America. Investors in Bar Works who may wish to join the claim are advised to contact us at for further information.

This action commenced in April 2018 against more than one of the parties involved in the Solari Energy investment. As of April 2018 the group consists of approximately 40 investors pursuing a claim of several million pounds. The action is being led by a UK solicitor working with Safe Or Scam.

Solari Energy was an Australian company selling ‘profit shares’ using a Hong Kong domiciled sales company. The Hong Kong company had an Indonesian director and one Hong Kong shareholder. They all disappeared. The website was taken down. Emails and phone calls went unanswered. The vast majority of investors were from the UK and they felt the recovery situation was very bleak.

SOS investigators got involved. We found that the Hong Kong company was just a front. The masterminds of the scam were living in the UK believing they had got away with their share of the money. Steps are being taken to prosecute some of the people involved. Investors who may wish to join the claim are invited to contact us at


SOS would like to hear from investors and other people who have had involvement with any of the organisations listed below. We are gathering data on the operations of these parties on behalf of clients who have paid to have a full SOS review of their investments.  
This investment collapsed at the end of 2017. We would like to hear from investors who are interested in joining a Group Recovery Action led by a UK solicitor.
SOS is representing a number of investors in a recovery action against the company and person involved in this investment. There is a separate website European Property Coin which contains further information.
We are interested in hearing from investors in this workspace investment company. Our//Space followed Bar Works Inc into this sector. Bar Works has collapsed. Charges have been brought against some of the people involved. The original Our//Space investment model was almost identical to Bar Works They have since swapped investors out into new contractual arrangements which may have worsened the position for investors.
We are interested in hearing from investors in this company. St Helier provided false and misleading information to investors and we have concerns over the people involved in this company. Please contact us at
We are interested in hearing from investors in this company. MCI Sales Ltd entered into loan agreements with investors to develop its own projects, but it also owned the website which sold a series of scam investment projects to investors. Investor losses now run into millions of pounds. One project claims that MCI charged 40% commission on the funds raised. The company has recently changed its name to TSM Corporate Services Ltd but it cannot change its history. The company is owned by Matthew Cullum who works out of Folkestone. Please contact us on


We are interested in the following investment types. Please contact us if you have any information which may be of use.