Empire Capital Holdings is running a follow-on fraud against the victims who lost their money in the European Property Coin scam.

Yesterday we warned about a company pretending to be the owner of the fake crypto-currency coins. See HERE.

Today Empire Capital Holdings is attempting to use one of the standard ploys i.e claiming to hold a large amount of money for the investor on the basis that they have sold these worthless coins for them. All the investor has to do is pay them some money so that they can release the funds. Of course there is no money and it is a scam.

In this case they are seeking to reassure the investor that their payment would be completely safe because they are giving them an “UNDERWRITTEN GUARANTEE”. The investor will have an underwritten guarantee from a fake company.

This letter is useful for all investors because it shows you the kind of thing you can expect from these follow-on fraudsters. They’ve spent a bit of time producing a logo and cloning an existing company so that they appear genuine. They’ve added a couple of pages of legal jargon because that makes it look like a professional contract. It is all rubbish.

This blog post will deter them for a while but they will be back using a different name before very long. If you have invested in a scam which has either collapsed, closed down or disappeared you are very likely to receive a letter like this. Please remember – every one you get will be a scam.

If you are phoned out of the blue with a similar offer it will be a scam.

Spare a thought for the poor investors in European Property Coin. They were scammed out of their money and now they have had two follow-on frauds in two days. The good news is that we were able to close down the company behind the scam and the liquidator is in the process of tracing the owners of 44 UK bank accounts. This includes many of the bank accounts used in the follow-on frauds. We will catch many of these people and we will have no qualms about publishing their details on this website.

Unfortunately we cannot reach every investor and some people will no doubt end up paying money to these snakes. Here is the Empire Capital Holdings letter for those who are interested.