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Have your investment(s) thoroughly reviewed after you have invested. You may have a bad feeling about an investment, or payments may have stopped and you fear they are making excuses, or the project owner may be trying to change the terms of your original investment, or it may have already collapsed and you fear that your money is lost. Whatever the circumstances, SOS will dig deep into the investment itself, the companies involved and the people behind those companies. We give you a much better understanding of where you stand and we highlight potential recovery options. Investors are often surprised by the recovery options that are available. If required, SOS can be instructed under a separate arrangement to pursue those recovery options or we can bring other investors into a group recovery action or we can involve our legal partners in an action on favourable terms for investors.

After Investment Prices

Features Of Our Service

Pre-Investment Reviews

SOS will review your proposed investment BEFORE you invest. We go through the sales brochures and contracts. We check out the project owners and the sales companies. Prevention is better than cure so it makes sense to have an independent review BEFORE you commit your funds.

Our analysis might just save you from losing all your money and suffering a lot of heartache in the future. It is worth the expense.

Post-Investment Reviews

SOS will review your investment AFTER you have invested. We go through your email trails, payments, brochures and contracts. We check out the project owners, sales companies and any third parties. If you are having doubts about your investment we can help identify the issues before they become common knowledge, giving you a headstart in recovering your capital. If your investment has already gone wrong we can analyse all your paperwork and advise on recovery strategies.

Recovery Action Groups

If your investment report identifies serious issues and you would like SOS to work with you on recovery actions we can do so for a fixed fee, or a percentage of what is recovered, or a combination of both. If we need to appoint a lawyer we can do so on the same terms.

If there are enough investors we can form Recovery Action Groups with the aim of pursuing a group claim against those who have some liability. If the matter ultimately results in the need for a civil court action we can bring in litigation funders to take the risk if the claim is strong enough.

Star Ratings

Check out our table of SOS star ratings for investment projects, project owners and sales companies. These are the opinions of our investigators. Each category is rated from 1 to 6 stars. If the project has a 1-star rating it signifies that nothing would ever persuade our investigators to invest in that project or with that sales agent.

Star Ratings are accessible if you have taken out a Free Membership. We do not sell investments and have no affiliation to any party that does. We are entirely independent and we never share private information.