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There was a time when salesmen used to come to your home to take you through their investment products. The world has moved on and now everything is done over the internet. You can buy an investment on the other side of the world without ever meeting the salesperson or the owner of the project.

The Growing Scam Market

As technology has advanced, so too have the scams. Today the scams are sold by smooth-talking salespeople calling you out of the blue or sending promotions into your inbox. They provide glossy brochures promising guaranteed returns, security for your capital, guaranteed exits or guaranteed buy-backs in the future. The sales pitch is so good it can be very difficult to separate genuine projects from the scams. Often by the time you realise it’s a scam it’s too late. The website and the salespeople have disappeared.

Investment scams can look very professional and they often involve what appears to be rock-solid, tried and tested mainstream assets like land, property, commodities and fixed-term bonds.

They can even involve funds held in escrow with what appears to be legitimate, blue-chip companies. The truth is that these are often just a smoke-screen. The project is a total scam and people lose all their money.

The cases we deal with often involve huge sums of money and that makes our investigators a target. We’ve dealt with cases involving disqualified directors, money launderers, serial con-men and even a convicted murderer.

SafeOrScam is here to help you sort the safe from the scam and we are very good at what we do. We help you to avoid the scams before you invest, understand exactly what went wrong after you invest, and help formulate a recovery plan to determine what can be recovered and what needs to be done after the perpetrators have disappeared.

By joining Safe Or Scam as a free member you gain access to free general advice and member-only pages covering some of the projects, people and companies our investigators have come across.

SOS – Why Do I Need a Personal Review ?

SOS – Recovery Options

Features Of Our Service

Pre-Investment Reviews

SOS will review your proposed investment BEFORE you invest. We go through the sales brochures and contracts. We check out the project owners and the sales companies. Prevention is better than cure so it makes sense to have an independent review BEFORE you commit your funds.

Our analysis might just save you from losing all your money and suffering a lot of heartache in the future. It is worth the expense.

Post-Investment Reviews

SOS will review your investment AFTER you have invested. We go through your email trails, payments, brochures and contracts. We check out the project owners, sales companies and any third parties. If you are having doubts about your investment we can help identify the issues before they become common knowledge, giving you a headstart in recovering your capital. If your investment has already gone wrong we can analyse all your paperwork and advise on recovery strategies.

Recovery Action Groups

If your investment report identifies serious issues and you would like SOS to work with you on recovery actions we can do so for a fixed fee, or a percentage of what is recovered, or a combination of both. If we need to appoint a lawyer we can do so on the same terms.

If there are enough investors we can form Recovery Action Groups with the aim of pursuing a group claim against those who have some liability. If the matter ultimately results in the need for a civil court action we can bring in litigation funders to take the risk if the claim is strong enough.

Star Ratings

Check out our table of SOS star ratings for investment projects, project owners and sales companies. These are the opinions of our investigators. Each category is rated from 1 to 6 stars. If the project has a 1-star rating it signifies that nothing would ever persuade our investigators to invest in that project or with that sales agent.

Star Ratings are accessible if you have taken out a Free Membership. We do not sell investments and have no affiliation to any party that does. We are entirely independent and we never share private information.

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