Dear XXXX & Team,

Further to following your advice – just to let you know that I have surprisingly now got all of the money back!

Many thanks for all your help,

Thank you so much for letting me know – it just had to be a scam but I’m glad you know of them already.

Full marks to your company. It’s makes a change to deal with a real genuine company for once
Mr M.D.
Well – the truth’s out now !! Wow – I think you guys have done a fantastic job digging all the dirt out.
If I had a hat I would take it off to you. I completely withdraw any concerns I may have had about SOS credibility, and this will be refelcted when I make reviews of your organisation.
You said all along that [Investment] was a scam, although it appears it’s more like a Ponzi scheme – which amounts to the same thing really.
It’s interesting that when I copied my file to my lawyer in London about a month ago, the very first thing he said was “it’s a Ponzi scheme”. Unfortunately he was unable to help me on the basis that the amount owed to me could not justify his likely fee.
So – all sorts of things are going to happen this morning, and we’ll just have to wait and see what the fall-out will be.
Although we’re not yet in a position to see if we are likely to win anything back, please accept my congratulations on the investigative achievements you have made so far.  The results are an accolade to your relentless efforts.
Sincere regards,



Mr Y.M.S

I am an investor from Taiwan. I bought a room in a UK hotel. I thought it was a very good investment so I introduced some friends and they bought rooms too. The developers know that I am thousands of miles away and cannot cause trouble to them easily, so the developers intentionally did not pay the rentals that they had guaranteed.

Fortunately, I found SoS in UK on the Internet. With their help, I and my friends successively recovered the long-arrear rentals and we are now working to recover the full investments of all of us. I truly appreciate SafeOrScam company’s great help.


I cannot even begin to describe how impressive and professional the service is from SOS, especially my main contact.  They have completely surpassed my expectations.  They are extremely fast and always in communication.  They kept me informed all the way and are realistic and honest with expectations.  I hired them to work on terminating an investment I was unsure about after being with that investment for a while.  They secured a FULL repayment of my initial investment.  I cannot believe it to this day.
Absolutely fantastic and have helped me to re-start my life again as it was a substantial amount of money.  Thank you once again [name] and the hardworking, diligent team.  You are true heroes.

Another K.P - INVESTOR

Just a word of thanks for the help with getting my payment on my investment (which I received today) and I hope you don’t mind if I make use of your services again in future as I also have other investments. Your responses were very quick and professional which is rare these days.

Much appreciated.


I wish to say a massive THANKS. Really I’m still shocked that you were for real and that I have money in my bank. I must tell you I was terrified dealing with you. But I felt it was worth the gamble. I thank you for all your advice and support. Your swift and prompt and precise communication.

I’m very grateful to you. So happy that I came across your website.  I will be singing your praises to all who listen to me.  You’re modern day heroes. Thank you again.  Here is my recommendation for your website.

I wish to thank SOS for all their help, advice and support . They were prompt and precise in their communication. They were also extremely prompt in retrieving money for me. I am so grateful. I can hardly believe I have money in my account within weeks of my first contacting them. If you have been conned or scammed like I have been. Don’t hesitate to email SOS.  They are most genuine, no messing about. Direct and concise. I am so happy with the result. No court case and no extra fees. And I got back all that I was owed. I feel like a winner because of SOS. Thanks guys.



Thank you and everybody at SAFE OR SCAM SO MUCH for all you have done to accomplish this and getting me out of this bad investment.

Mr P.O - Investor

I like many innocent investors who have been misled by marketing agents, bogus scam companies and scam investments which even to most careful and astute person is difficult to identify have 100% faith and trust in excellent work that Safe Or Scam team are doing on behalf of innocent ordinary people to catch and warn against crooks which run such scams purely to satisfy their own greed.

I found the SOS team to be very efficient, intelligent, constructive, very responsive day and night, including weekends, dealt with my problem within 10 days of being contacted by me and provided me with a detailed and concise report of problems identified and options available which I found to very helpful and informative. Just knowing that someone like the SOS team is on your side and with whom you can get first hand honest views is of great relief to any investor who has been scammed. I also applaud and admire their courage and risks they take in doing what they do for investors despite the abuse and threats they must face.

A big Thank You to the SOS Team for the excellent work that you are doing……..I wish I had known about you before I invested my hard earned money with bogus companies and greedy and heartless agents marketing and promoting their products. I wish you and your team every success for the future and I hope in years to come that you can succeed in getting Governments, FCA and other regulatory bodies to pass stringent laws and regulations to protect innocent people from fraudsters who cannot get away scot free with their heedless crimes.

AP - Investor

Having got myself into a situation where I had foolishly made a couple of “Too good to be true” investments I didn’t know what to do in order to try and get my money back. Fortunately, I came across SOS who has proved to be very knowledgeable and quickly gave me the reassurance and confidence to know that the right action was being taken to make a successful claim. I am delighted to say that I now have one of my investments back in full. SOS has done an excellent job and I know I would never have got my money back without their assistance.

C.W - Investor

Dear Safe or Scam,
Please feel free to use all or parts of the following testimonial in any way if it is helpful.

‘Perhaps, like me, you invested in a project in good faith but on bad advice.  You may even have received other offers to get your money back. You may be wondering if you can actually trust anyone in the shadowy world of crooks and sharks of which you are gradually becoming aware.
On the basis of my (still uncompleted) interaction with Safe Or Scam regarding an equally (or even more) odious scam, I am completely confident that we can trust SOS to pursue our interests with integrity and energy. While the other matter which they are pursuing for me is still in process, I have found Safe Or Scam to be responsive (within minutes morning, night and weekends), informed, helpful, communicative, and action-oriented.  They are also courageous. Another referee on their site called them heroes, and I would agree without hesitation.  In a situation where frankly I had felt manipulated, cheated and powerless, it is good to know someone is on my side and knows how to do something about it.’

Dr P.F - Investor

The moment I realised I had been scammed a sense of helplessness came over me.  I had made two substantial investments sold to me via a company called MCI Management. Was that money lost? Who do I turn to for help? I felt desperate.

Thankfully, on one of my Google searches, a website set up by Safe Or Scam about one of those investments came up. The temporary website was clear, professional and informative. From the moment I contacted SOS I knew that if anyone could help me recover my investments, they could. They replied swiftly to my query; explained clearly how they worked, and any further queries I had they answered promptly, with precision and clarity. Knowing they were there, actively working on my behalf, backed up with huge knowledge and superb strategy, helped ease the distress I had been feeling.

I am extremely happy and thankful to say that one of my investments has now been recovered in full. With regard to my other investment, although still a work in progress, I feel much better knowing that this professional, trustworthy organisation is working hard on my behalf.
I truly cannot praise them enough. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Ms L.S - Investor

Firstly, I have to say a very big thank you regarding my investment. Because of your report and warning I contacted the owner of the company and after an hour long conversation, where he told me I couldn’t ask for my money back and I told him I needed it, he eventually agreed to refund it less the interest he had already paid. I have now received my money back.

Ms S.P - Investor

I am so grateful.  Words cannot express my gratitude.  You and the team picked me up when I had no energy and delivered beyond my wildest expectations.  What you and the team are doing is significantly changing people’s lives for the better and I am just so thankful and appreciative of your help.

Mr K.P - Investor

I’m so glad I found your website.  I actually feel like something is getting done about this.  Cheers.

Mr D.C - Investor

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