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Allansons Update

Allansons Update 2000 1333 Safe or Scam

Allansons Update. The Solicitors Regulation Authority has issued a warning to Allansons investors concerning a follow-on fraud which has recently…

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Mayfair Associates Escrow

Mayfair Associates Escrow 3000 2327 Safe or Scam

Mayfair Associates Escrow is the latest follow-on fraud to target the unfortunate victims in the StratXMarkets scam. Here is an…

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Simon Whittley-Ryan Response

Simon Whittley-Ryan Response 3000 3000 Safe or Scam

Further to our Article published yesterday (click HERE) we are publishing extracts from the Simon Whittley-Ryan response. His response did…

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Avianta Capital

Avianta Capital 3000 2000 Safe or Scam

This article was sent by email to Simon Whittley-Ryan of Avianta Capital Consulting Ltd because it references that company and…

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Strategy Markets

Strategy Markets 3000 2000 Safe or Scam

Safe Or Scam has started an investigation into Strategy Markets. Strategy Markets operated a bogus equity and commodity trading platform…

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Van Gossum Consult

Van Gossum Consult 3000 2327 Safe or Scam

Safe Or Scam has been commissioned to by a group of investors to investigate the activities of Van Gossum Consult.…

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Eberhard Cramer Ltd

Eberhard Cramer Ltd 3000 2327 Safe or Scam

Eberhard Cramer Ltd is running a scam operation in the UK. The company has established a clone operation of an…

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Aren Pedersen

Aren Pedersen 4160 3120 Safe or Scam

Aren Pedersen is the director of a company called Clearline Contracts Ltd. This company is a money mule for a…

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Osage 1 Ltd

Martin Finch of Phenco

Martin Finch of Phenco 2000 1333 Safe or Scam

Martin Finch was the sole director of Phenco Ltd before it was wound up by the High Court in London…

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St John’s Asset Management

St John’s Asset Management 3000 2327 Safe or Scam

St John’s Asset Management (“SJAM”) is selling scam investments to the general public.  This is not to be confused with…

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