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January 2020

Scam Alert

Craven Capital Follow-on-Fraud

Craven Capital Follow-on-Fraud 300 233 Safe or Scam

Craven Capital is carrying out a follow-on-fraud targeting investors in Win River Developments. On 15th January 2020 we reported the…

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Scam Alert

Brookfield Investment Funds PLC

Brookfield Investment Funds PLC 300 233 Safe or Scam

Brookfield Investment Funds PLC is a new investment scam established by the same people behind the St Johns Asset Management…

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Fraud In The UK

Fraud In The UK 300 300 Safe or Scam

On 25th January 2020, The Times newspaper carried a headline story about fraud in the UK. The article is titled…

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Scam Alert

Chelsea Transfer Ltd

Chelsea Transfer Ltd 300 233 Safe or Scam

Chelsea Transfer Ltd is running a follow-on-fraud.  In other words, Chelsea Transfer Ltd is totally fake and is seeking to…

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Osage 1 Ltd Closed Down

Osage 1 Ltd Closed Down 400 267 Safe or Scam

Osage 1 Ltd has been closed down. On Wednesday 22nd January 2020, the High Court in London issued a winding…

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Kansas B2 Project Ltd

Kansas B2 Project Ltd 400 267 Safe or Scam

On Wednesday 15th January 2020, Kansas B2 Project Ltd was wound up by Order of the High Court in London. …

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Win River Developments

Win River Developments 400 267 Safe or Scam

On Wednesday 15th January 2020, Win River Developments Ltd was shut down by the High Court in London.  This was…

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TSM Corporate Services Update

TSM Corporate Services Update 400 231 Safe or Scam

TSM Corporate Services Update. Further to the recent article on TSM Corporate Services which can be viewed here, we are…

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Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd

Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd 400 267 Safe or Scam

On 8th January 2020, Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd was wound up by Order of the High Court in London. Sooner…

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Sami Raja Daily Telegraph

Sami Raja Daily Telegraph 300 300 Safe or Scam

Sami Raja Daily Telegraph. In December 2019 we were approached by a reporter for a respected UK newspaper – the…

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