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Brookfield Investment Funds PLC is a new investment scam established by the same people behind the St Johns Asset Management scam AND the Van Gossum Consult scam, both of which have been covered by us in the articles below.

St Johns Asset Management scam

Van Gossum Consult scam

As usual, members of their scam team are offering fake shares to investors prior to flotation. In this case they have been offering ‘Virgin Hyperloop One’ shares. No doubt they have a professional-looking, fake share certificate to send out to investors when money is paid over. If the share issue isn’t to the investor’s liking, these scammers also offer a “RISK-FREE” investment in ‘China Housing and Land Development Inc’ which allegedly plans to sell its assets in the next three months which they claim will result in a much higher guaranteed fixed price for investors. It’s all rubbish. None of it is real.

We are grateful to all the people who have contacted us providing information on the St Johns Asset Management, Van Gossum Consult and Brookfield Investment Funds PLC scams.

This group of scammers will continue establishing scam after scam until they are arrested. For the Brookfield Investment Funds PLC scam they are sticking with using Vipco Holdings PTE Ltd, a favourite money mule company of theirs incorporated in Singapore. That company has also been covered in previous articles. VipCo Holdings PTE Ltd is still allowing its bank account to be used by scammers to take in money from investors.

Last year we raised concerns with the United Overseas Bank of Singapore and DBS bank of Singapore. The scammers were routing investor money through Vipco Holdings accounts at both banks. This time the scammers are using a new Vipco bank account at OCBC Bank in Singapore, details below:

Bank Name: OCBC Bank, Singapore  –  Account Name: Vipco Holdings PTE Ltd  –  Account Number: 503 534 950 301

We assume the UOB and DBS bank accounts were shut down following us highlighting the accounts. We certainly hope they were.

Investigations are continuing on behalf of clients who have lost money in these scams and we are making good progress.  We have some leads and will update our blog page when we feel it is appropriate to publish some of the sensitive information we have obtained.

As in previous cases these scammers have a very good command of English. Some of the names used by people at Brookfield Investment Funds PLC are:

Damian Williams – Director of Mergers & Acquisitions; and Jason Taylor – Investment Advisor; and David Billington – Accounts Department; and Keith Armitage – President.

These will obviously be false names. The Brookfield Investment Funds PLC scam telephone numbers are located in several countries including the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Thailand etc. The numbers they have been using in the UK and Ireland are:

In the UK – +442076601459

In Ireland – +35314126374 and +35314124549

The .com and .net domain names for Brookfield Investment Funds PLC were registered in April 2019 and July 2019.  The website is operated out of Bucharest, Romania. That is always a worrying indicator.

We have attached some of the typical documents being used by Brookfield Investment Funds PLC below. Please note that we have redacted any dates, investment amounts and reference numbers which might enable Brookfield Investment Funds PLC to identify the source of the documents.

Brookfield Investment Funds_Scam Documents

The Van Gossum Consult and St Johns Asset Management scams are multi-jurisdictional and have been reported to Police authorities in more than one country. We are happy to provide information to any investigating authority in any jurisdiction which may be pursuing enquiries against the parties involved in this series of scams.

Safe Or Scam has recently established an Investor Support Group for people who have lost money in the Brookfield Investment Funds PLC scam. To see details of our announcement please visit this article.


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