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June 2019

Seabrook and Hythe Property Management Ltd

Seabrook and Hythe Property Management Ltd 2000 1333 Safe or Scam Support

Seabrook & Hythe Property Management Ltd was dissolved on 25th June 2019. It was a company associated with the family of Matthew Cullum

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MCI Sales Ltd

MCI Sales Ltd 450 676 Safe or Scam Support

Safe Or Scam successfully recovers money for investors in short term bonds issued by MCI Sales and TSM Corporate Services

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Scam Alert

Wellington Capital Group

Wellington Capital Group 300 233 Safe or Scam Support

Wellington Capital Group is a scam organisation focused mainly on investors in the Far East. The company claims to offer “comprehensive wealth management for clients seeking exceptional service and returns”…

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Access Corporate – May 2019

Access Corporate – May 2019 400 267 Safe or Scam Support

Access Corporate Ltd was a money mule company used by the binary option fraud which operated under the name of StratXMarkets. SOS was able to trace some of the payments…

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Allansons LLP

Allansons LLP 2000 1333 Safe or Scam Support

Allansons Litigation Funding was a scheme operated by the law firm of Allansons LLP.  In June 2018 we warned potential investors that we had serious concerns about this investment proposal.…

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