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July 2021

Intercare Wealth and Coastal Supported Living

Intercare Wealth and Coastal Supported Living 320 400 SOS Team

Intercare Wealth and Coastal Supported Living.

Last week we published three articles titled Intercare Wealth Scam, Parkmount Group Scam, and Coastal Supported Living Scam.  There are links to those three articles at the bottom of this page.

The gist of those three articles was that Rav Singh Dhillon, Amandeep Saur, Ansar Ali (aka Adam Ali, Ansar Noor), Shuma Ali (aka Shuma Noor, Shuma Noor-Ali) were colluding to carry out a series of scams on investors. It’s a complex arrangement where efforts had been made to make the scams appear to be separate entities controlled by unrelated parties, but the reality is that they are all part of one big scam. Hopefully the three articles explained the steps in the scam in a way that readers could understand.

We’ve now had further supporting evidence which links the Intercare Wealth scam to the Coastal Supported Living Scam. This evidence has come in the form of an email from Rav Singh using the email address of  Here is a copy of his email below:

I would like to thank you for your interest in investing with Intercare Wealth and Supported Living / Accommodation.
This particular newsletter has been constructed to offer you further insight into the Company, our business model and ethos. We operate on both sides of this industry by working with Sophisticated / High Net Worth Investors through Intercare Wealth LTD to build Purpose Built Homes and we also manage and provide the care for the tenants via our fully registered and regulated care business “Coastal Supported Living”
You can take a look at our Care Home set up and read in more depth by visiting this link to the Coastal Housing website
I am often asked how the investment into Intercare Wealth is protected, and the simple answer here is that your investment is secured against the asset itself. In most cases the Mortgage Lender will have a 1st charge on the asset and you the investor will have a second charge. If a decision is made (dependent on investor funds) to purchase the house without finance, the investor will have 1st charge on the asset.
As a regulated care home provider and registered with the CQC all of our offerings for monthly and yearly dividends are guaranteed and Government backed. This agreement can last up to 10 – 15 years, solidifying the income further.
Returns range from 8-15% depending on the level of the investment and the structure of the project, however all investments from £150,000 + provide an annual return of 15% with dividends paid monthly.
The demand for purpose build accommodation is currently at an all time high post Covid and we have a number of opportunities open to build homes for those that need them most.
For further information, you can book a consultation with me by clicking on the link below:
Meet With Rav Singh.
Rav Singh

Here’s a LINK to Meet with Rav Singh

It is important to point out that the monthly and yearly dividends are not guaranteed and they are certainly not Government backed. 

The email confirms that Intercare Wealth and Coastal Supported Living are part of a process which would enable scammers to get involved in the Supported Living sector. Each part was compartmentalised to make it appear separate and unrelated. There are currently 9 companies owned by Shuma Ali or Ansar Ali (or their aliases) which are overdue on their filings at Companies House and are subject to Striking Off applications.

See our previous articles on these linked scams below.




And here is a more recent article published in February 2022 on THE HARLEY STREET PROPERTY CLUB SCAM – LINK which is another Rav Singh / Amandeep Kaur scam.


Scam Alert

BitIndexFarm Scam

BitIndexFarm Scam 300 233 SOS Team

BitIndexFarm Scam

BitIndexFarm is using a fake trading platform as cover for a Ponzi Scheme.  We received the following enquiry from a BitIndexFarm investor through our Contact page:

Dear Sirs

BitIndexFarm is a scam.

Please advise anyone you know who is at the verge of taking an investment decision not to fall into this trap. Any money less than $500 you invest into this platform will be refunded with 20% interest in 24 hours, but anything more will be absorbed by their system and they will start using new vocabulary which they had never mentioned before like, auto-invest, kick-start, ROD…

Don’t buy into all of these. It is a scam. They convince most people to join through a private Telegram group known as BitIndexFarm, similar to their website. In this group, they show fake withdrawals they claim people have made so that no one doubts the authenticity.

Permit me tell you that the only thing which is authentic about these guys is their thieving scheme. The admin of the Telegram group is the same team that acts like the support desk. So they have all the information to manipulate you while you keep on dropping in your hard-earned money in hope to cash out a jackpot when the time comes.

Unfortunately, this is just a dream. Please advise people not to invest a dime into this website.

We took a look at the BitIndexFarm website – LINK to website hereUPDATE: 5th August 2021 – the BitIndexFarm website has now been removed.

We were able to confirm that it was a scam within a couple of minutes. On one page they have provided a copy of the company’s Certificate Of Incorporation (see below).  The certificate is fake.  It is a copy of a standard UK Certificate Of Incorporation and includes the words “The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales hereby certifies that…….”.  It then says “Given at Companies House , Amsterdam……”.  The last time we looked Amsterdam was in the Netherlands, not the UK.  Maybe it was part of a secret Brexit deal.  “Boris, we want your fish and we’re prepared to give you Amsterdam in exchange”.

Just for good measure we checked with the UK’s Companies House (admittedly it wasn’t the new Amsterdam branch) and there is no record of a company called Bit Index Farm.  Neither is there a record of any company with the company number of 26432786.

On the FAQ page of their website the first question is:  What is BitIndexFarm ?  Their answer is: is an online investment platform who was appointed representative of who are authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority under firm reference number 234512. This information can be verified on the Company House website. is registered in England No. 153. Registered office, Wellington St, Leeds, United Kingdom

The opening sentence doesn’t actually make sense.  It’s like saying “I can speak for myself because I have appointed myself to act as my representative”.  There is no “United Kingdom Company House Authority”.  The organisation which authorises and regulates forex trading platforms in the UK is the Financial Conduct Authority.  We checked their records. is not registered with them and there is no firm registered with the number of 234512. is a scam.

How does the BitIndexFarm scam work ?  Well, we’ve seen this a few times. They offer four different bogus trading plans which are as follows:

PLAN A  –  invest $50 and receive your money back + 20% interest in 24 hours.

PLAN B  –  invest $500 or more and receive your money back + 50% interest in 48 hours.

PLAN C  –  invest $2,000 or more and receive your money back + 200% in 48 hours.

PLAN D  –  invest $3,000 or more and receive your money back + 400% in 5 days.

Let’s say you’re tempted to invest.  How much would you start with ?   Most investors would start with the minimum investment of $50 just to see what happens.

Lo and behold, the $50 investors get a full refund + 20% interest within 24 hours.  They’ve made a $10 profit.  This is called “using a sprat to catch a mackerel”.  BitIndexFarm pays out on the  small amount because the scammers know the investor is certain to increase their investment once they receive their payout.  After all, who wouldn’t want to make 200%+ on their money in a couple of days ?

The sums quoted above are minimum investment levels for each of those plans.  The BitIndexFarm scam allows people invest up to $100,000.  As soon as someone has invested into PLAN B, C or D they suddenly find that BitIndexFarm isn’t paying out as they promised .  As the enquirer above wrote in the Contact Form, BitIndexFarm comes up with an excuse why they are not paying out.

When an investor opens an account they don’t pay their money to a bank account.  They have to open a digital currency account e.g a Bitcoin account and pay into that account.  The money is then used to purchase digital currency for the scammers which makes it untraceable.  The BitIndexFarm scam website has a Terms & Conditions page.  Several of the clauses are designed to prevent investors from taking action against them, but the clauses aren’t enforceable.  It’s not possible to have clauses which effectively say “It is a condition of joining this platform that if I steal your money you cannot prosecute me”.

In another twist, BitIndexFarm offers investors a “Trading Class” membership which costs $5,000 for three months.  Here is a short video from the website produced by “Andrew”.  Not sure why he believes filming a selfie on his mobile phone in front of a hotel pool is the best way to get his message across. Maybe he’s really a pool cleaner ?


Can’t wait for Andrew’s next video.  Let’s hope he’s not going to attempt to explain the complexities of crypto-currency trading while sat on the toilet.

If investors can find these people they can prosecute them, but finding them will not be easy.  We’ve seen versions of this same scam being operated by scammers in Asia and in Eastern Europe.

BitIndexFarm Scam.


Scam Alert

Burton & Bailey Escrow Scam

Burton & Bailey Escrow Scam 300 233 SOS Team

Burton & Bailey Escrow Scam

Burton & Bailey are operating a follow-on-fraud targeting the victims of investment scams.  We were contacted by a woman who had invested in the Park First scam after she was contacted by one of the Burton & Bailey scammers and she wanted to know whether they were genuine or not.  They are not genuine.  It is a follow-on-fraud.

They use the domain name of which was purchased less than three months ago on 30th April 2021.  They have been able to publish a website in that time – LINK to website here.  The website looks professional and it is easy to see why some of their intended victims will be taken in by it.

According to the website the company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but the Home Page has a lot of detail on The Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) which is a UK Government tax-efficient investment scheme !  Not sure what relevance that has at all to the alleged business of Burton & Bailey.  Sometimes scammers want to make it appear that they know what they are talking about so they’ll pick up text from any financial website and use it on their site.  That is what they have done here.

For example, this section below is from the Burton & Bailey Escrow Scam website:

Early stage businesses who have raised finance under the EIS scheme may fall victim to the difficult market conditions. EIS relief requires a business to meet certain relevant conditions throughout a 3 year period from the date of investment, so what does it mean for investors who claimed tax relief on their investments if a business goes into liquidation in this timeframe?

Income Tax – Relief Withdrawal:

–    If the EIS company goes into liquidation within (generally) three years of the share issue, Income Tax relief originally given is clawed back.  The amount clawed back is 30% of any value received on liquidation (up to a maximum of the relief originally given).
–    However, if the value received on liquidation is considered insignificant or no value is received at all, no Income Tax relief is withdrawn.

Capital Gains Tax Deferral – Relief Withdrawal:

–    If an EIS investment was used to defer a capital gain, this gain will become chargeable on the liquidation.

Use of Losses:

–    If the liquidation proceeds are less than the original investment a loss arises. This loss is reduced by any Income Tax relief not withdrawn.
–    The loss can be set against income in the year of the disposal or the preceding year.
–    Alternatively, the loss can be set against capital gains made in the year of the loss, or carried forward to be set against future capital gains arising.

It has been lifted word for word from the website of Bishop Fleming, a reputable UK company.  Here is a LINK to the section on the Bishop Fleming website.

We have copied below the email which the investor received.  The investor was initially cold-called on her home telephone.

From: Admin | Burton & Bailey



Subject: Burton & Bailey Introduction


Thanks for speaking with us earlier today.

As explained over the telephone, we are currently carrying out a few legal checks on your active investment. Typically these checks consist of asset authenticity, its value (if any), and eligibility for any potential sale.

 Please allow 1-2 working days for these checks to complete. Once completed, we will be in contact with any results we feel are pertinent to discuss in terms of any potential sale opportunity.

In the meantime and in order to support the best possible outcome for your case, please provide as much information as you can regarding your investment for us to investigate. If you have any proof of ownership documents such as bond or share certificates, payment confirmations, etc. please send them in for us to review accordingly.

In the meantime, should you require further information on our company, you can view our website online at

 Should you wish to reach us by telephone, you can reach us on our free-phone number at 0800 031 8239. Please note however there may be waiting times with this method of contact.

We will be in touch with you in due course.

Kind regards,

Michael Trainor

We were able to warn the investor straight away that this was a scam.  This investor, like many investors, has received several follow-on-fraud approaches in the past and we have been able to help her spot them.  She’s a woman of few words, but it’s nice to receive praise once in a while.  It’s a bit too short to put on our testimonial page, but here it is anyway.


 You guys do an amazing job.


Burton & Bailey Escrow Scam.


Scam Alert

Horizon Consultancies Scam

Horizon Consultancies Scam 300 233 SOS Team

Horizon Consultancies Scam.

A company calling itself Horizon Consultancies Ltd is running a follow-on-fraud against victims of investment scams.

On the same day we posted this article on Coastal Supported Living – LINK, where we mentioned Abdul Mukith who was involved in the Essex and London Properties scam, we received an email from an Essex and London Properties investor who had been approached by Horizon Consultancies. We’ve copied the email she received below:

From: Horizon Consultancies Ltd <>


Following our conversation today I can confirm that before we commence any communication with any potential buyers with the aim of securing you a potential sale offer for the assets or the ownership that you hold, we do firstly require the following:

  1. Proof of photo identification (Passport or Driving License)
  2. Proof of address (Utility Bill or Bank Statement within the last 3 months)
  3. Proof of purchase (Certificates or receipt of purchase)
  4. A Copy of an up to date Auditors Report

Once we have received these documents in house our compliance will commence with the verification procedures.

In the meantime, should you have any questions regarding the sale of your assets or investing into the financial markets, feel free to contact me anytime.

Kind Regards,

Julian Grant
Portfolio Manager

This email and any attachments are for the sole use of the intended recipient and may contain material that is proprietary, confidential, privileged or otherwise legally protected or restricted under applicable laws. Any review, disclosure, distributing or other use without expressed permission of the sender is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete all copies without reading, printing, or saving. Horizon Consultancies Ltd is a private company registered in England whose office is at 14 Aspen Drive, Barrow-in-Furness, LA13 ORL.

For information on our Privacy & Cookie Policies, please visit our website:

There is a genuine Horizon Consultancies Ltd at the Barrow-in-Furness address, but this email did not come from that company.  The scammers are impersonating the company.  The good news is we think we might have had a hand in forcing this latest move by this group of scammers. The clue is right at the very end of the email “please visit our website:”

On 5th June 2021 we published this article on Everest Trade BVBA – LINK.

This latest Horizon Consultancies scam shows it is the same group of scammers who were behind the Everest Trade BVBA scam and because we’ve publicised that scam they’ve had to change their identity.  However, in doing so in a hurry, they’ve not paid attention to the disclaimer at the bottom of their email and they’ve missed that it still contains a reference to the Everest Trade BVBA scam website.

The email uses a domain name ‘’.  That domain was bought on 2nd July 2021 i.e only 22 days ago.  The domain is hosted in Chisinau, Moldova.  Nice to know we’re disrupting this organised crime group and preventing them from taking more money from the victims of investment scams.

Horizon Consultancies Scam.

To view an updated article on this scam published in August 2021 please click on this LINK.


Scam Alert

Coastal Supported Living Scam

Coastal Supported Living Scam 300 233 SOS Team

Coastal Supported Living Scam.

This week we have written two articles concerning a group of people who have known each other for a long time and who have been involved in numerous scams.

ARTICLE 1  –  LINK to Intercare Wealth Scam

ARTICLE 2  –  LINK to Parkmount Group Scam

This the third article covering the companies of Shuma Ali / Shuma Noor-Ali and Shuma Noor who we believe is the same person.  Shuma Noor is the name currently being used for directorships in several new companies seeking to move into the provision of supported living services for vulnerable people.  She is doing so in conjunction with her husband, Ansar Noor (this is not his real name – he is really Ansar Ali).  Considering the history of the people involved we are very concerned that this is a scam.

The glue which binds this all together is the residential address of 2 Scratton Road, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 0NZ.  It is a very nice 8-bedroom family home which was advertised for sale in 2017 as can be seen on this LINK.  It is also the property listed as either the registered office or the correspondence address for many of the companies.

Shuma Ali is the wife of Ansar Ali who is covered in ARTICLE 2.  Both of them are linked to the 2 Scratton Road address.  Here is a LINK to a company called B2B Solutions (GB) Ltd.   This company has Shuma Ali and Ansar Ali as directors.  Ansar Ali’s address was at 2 Scratton Road before it was changed to 8 Corringham Road which is a high street commercial property address.

For a while Shuma Ali became Shuma Noor-Ali.  She was involved in several businesses with Ansar Ali.  The two we would like to focus on are Lettings1st Ltd and Elite Jewellery (International) Ltd. 

Here is a LINK to the Companies House register for Lettings1st Ltd.  Note that both Shuma Noor-Ali and Ansar Ali are registered at the 2 Scratton Road address.

Here is a LINK to the Companies House register for Elite Jewellery (International) Ltd.  This company is interesting for two reasons.  The first is that the company name is similar to the name of Elite Gems Ltd which was owned by Ansar Ali and Sami Raja.  ARTICLE 2 contains links to that scam and to the subsequent arrest and imprisonment of Sami Raja. The second reason it is interesting is because it had three company directors – Shuma Noor-Ali, Herman Liu and Abdul Mukith.  We’ve come across Abdul Mukith before.  He was involved in the Essex and London Properties scam which we have reported on in detail.  Here is a LINK to our December 2020 article which confirms Abdul Mukith has been charged by the UK Police and is facing criminal charges in connection with that scam.

Here is further evidence that Abdul Mukith is also known to Ansar Ali.  Twenty years ago they owned a restaurant together.  LINK to Plaza UK Ltd filing. In 2018 they were also both appointed to a charity linked to their mosque.

Now Shuma Ali has morphed into Shuma Noor.  Let’s look at her timeline.

July 2008  –  Shuma Noor is co-director of Contract Car Solutions Ltd with Ansar Ali.  LINK to Companies House website.

June 2016  –  Shuma Noor forms a company called Essex Property Investments Ltd.  LINK to Companies House websiteIt’s registered office is currently 2 Scratton Road.

August 2016  –  Shuma Noor forms a company called Everest Building Services.  LINK to Companies House websiteShe gives her correspondence address as 2 Scratton Road.

December 2018  –  Shuma Noor forms Horizon Hotel Group Ltd.  LINK to Companies House websiteIt’s registered office is 2 Scratton Road.

In 2020 there appears to have been a decision to move into Supported Living.  We won’t keep providing links to the Companies House entries, but the following companies either have the 2 Scratton Road address OR the address of Chantry House, 10a High Street, Billericay, England, CM12 9BQ.  This is an address also favoured by a director called Adam Ali, who we believe is really Ansar Ali.

All of the following Shuma Noor companies are linked to one of these two addresses:

January 2020  –  Coastal Living Southend Ltd  –  (Chantry House);

June 2020  –  Southend Assets Clearance Ltd  –  (Scratton Road);

July 2020  –  Coastal Supported Living CIC  –  (Chantry House);

July 2020  –  Coastal Supported Living C.I.C  –  (Chantry House)  –  note this is not the same organisation as the other July 2020 company.

December 2020  –  Coastal Housing CIC  –  (Chantry House);

February 2021  –  Rosebuds Supported Living Ltd  –  (Scratton Road);

April 2021  –  Coastal Supported Living and Care Ltd  –  (Chantry House).

Below is a copy of the ‘About Us’ page from the website.

Website_About Us – Coastal Supported Living 

This page is very interesting for two reasons.  The first is that it says “Shuma works alongside her husband Ansar Noor who owns Coastal Estates”.  There is a company called ‘Coastal Estates Ltd’ but it has nothing to do with Ansar Noor or supported living.  The second is “The Branch Hotel now houses over 20 rough sleepers…..”  So now we know that ‘Ansar Noor’ is associated with The Branch Hotel.  This brings us full circle back round to Rav Singh Dhillon in ARTICLE 1 – LINK.  The Branch Hotel is the investment opportunity being offered to investors on the UKPropertyClub website !

But, there’s a problem.  According to UKPropertyClub the Branch Hotel investment is a Parkmount Group property.  As described in ARTICLE 2 – LINK, Parkmount Group Ltd is allegedly owned by ADAM ALI, not Ansar Noor.

It’s clear that Shuma Ali uses the aliases Shuma Noor and Shuma Noor-Ali, and Ansar Ali uses the aliases Ansar Noor and Adam Ali.  It all looks very, very dodgy and explains the Coastal Supported Living Scam.

We recently wrote to Samantha Reeder,  the manager of the supported living company.  There is no suggestion that she is anything other than an innocent party.  We will direct her again to all three articles so that she has a fuller understanding and we’ll see what she does with the information. She has a duty to report any concerns.

In recent years supported living, care homes, nursing homes and other ventures claiming to support vulnerable people have become targets for scammers.  They are latching on to investor sentiment where investors are keen to make more ethical investments.  There have been notable high profile failures such as Carlauren Group, Qualia Care and St Camillus to name three.  Between them well-meaning investors have paid around £150m into those scams and they have all collapsed with big losses for investors.  This is not an industry which should tolerate any questionable activity.  There is no legitimate reason why genuine people entering these markets should use false names.  It points to another scam in which investors will end up losing their money and vulnerable people will find themselves caught up in a stressful situation not of their making.

Coastal Supported Living Scam.


Scam Alert

Parkmount Group Scam

Parkmount Group Scam 300 233 SOS Team

Parkmount Group Scam

Earlier this month we covered the Intercare Wealth scam which was being perpetrated by Amandeep Kaur and Ravinder Singh Dhillon.  Here is a LINK to that article – ARTICLE 1

The Parkmount Group scam is one of several running at the same time involving a network of people involved in scams for more than a decade.  We are naming this report ARTICLE 2.

ARTICLE 1 describes how Amandeep Kaur and Rav Dhillon Singh are attempting to solicit investment into a supported living scam.  It also covers their other ventures of UK Property Club and Harley Street Property Club.

UKPropertyClub promotes Parkmount Group investments.  Rav Dhillon Singh (who has begun calling himself Rav Singh and he is not the only person who has chosen to use a variation on his real name) describes himself as a director of Parkmount Group, but as ARTICLE 1 points out, he isn’t a director and never has been.

We have established a link between Amandeep Kaur, Rav Singh Dhillon and the Parkmount Group scam.  As Parkmount Group only has one director, Adam Ali, we can be sure that Adam Ali knows Rav Singh and Amandeep Kaur.

However, we believe Adam Ali doesn’t exist.  We believe it is a false name and Adam Ali is in fact Ansar Ali.  Both men have been involved in a lot of companies.  Both are registered at Companies House as having been born in July 1976 and both men have companies registered at the same addresses.  Furthermore, both men have been registered at separate times as co-directors of companies involving a lady who has also used different versions of her name.  She has used the names of Shuma Ali, Shuma Noor-Ali and Shuma Noor.  Shuma Ali is the wife of Ansar Ali, but as you will see in the next article – ARTICLE 3, when she uses the alias of Shuma Noor she gives her husband an alias too.  His is Ansar Noor.

We are particularly concerned about the companies below which were registered under the name of Shuma Noor.  Our concern is that she is acting as a front for Ansar Ali and potentially others who would not pass the necessary regulations to be registered as a provider of supported living services.  The companies involved are:

Coastal Supported Living and Care Ltd;

Coastal Supported Living C.I.C;

Coastal Housing CIC

Coastal Living Southend Ltd

Rosebuds Supported Living Ltd.

We will be writing ARTICLE 3 on Shuma Ali / Shuma Noor-Ali / Shuma Noor and these five companies later this week.

It is clear from the promotional material on the UKPropertyClub Facebook page that Parkmount Group is trying to raise investment for conversion of the Branch Hotel in Westcliff-On-Sea into a HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy).  See image below taken from the Facebook page:

Adam Ali of Parkmount Group is registered as a director of Trulea Estates Ltd (LINK to Companies House entry).  You will note from this entry that the correspondence address for Adam Ali is 13 Cobham Road, Westcliff-On-Sea.  That is the address of the Branch Hotel as can be seen on this LINK to a hotel site.

A check on the planning portal for Westcliff-On-Sea shows there has been no planning application made for the Branch Hotel since 2005. 

Suspicious Timings & Events

1.  Ansar Ali has had a lot of company directorships but none after July 2017;

2.  Adam Ali has had a lot of company directorships but none before July 2017, except for one in a company called Maddox Constructions Ltd which is a fake entry.  That directorship was not registered until January 2021.  The filing in January 2021 stated that Adam Ali was appointed as a director in 2017.  It is fair to assume that this is a false entry back-dated to cover tracks.  Directorships are expected to be registered within a few days of appointment, not almost 4 years later.  Since May 2018 Adam Ali has been registered as a director in 13 new companies that we are aware of.

3.  Ansar Ali has been involved in carbon credit scams, diamond scams and palm oil scams.  See the links below to newspaper articles and UK Government articles:




The two companies mentioned in the Tony Hetherington articles, Elite Gems Ltd and Quick Payroll Solutions Ltd had two directors – Ansar Ali and Sami Raja.  Below is an article on Sami Raja and his escape from UK justice by fleeing to Dubai.  Fortunately, Mr Raja got fed up in Dubai and felt the need for a holiday in Greece.  He was arrested when his plane landed and was extradited to the UK where he is now serving an eight-year prison sentence.


We have discovered there were at least eight other companies where Ansar Ali and Sami Raja were co-directors.

4.  Ansar Ali was also a director of Belgravia Property Group Ltd until another late filing at Companies House notified that he had allegedly resigned in March 2019.  That filing was made in October 2020 so it’s clearly another false back-dated entry.

5.  The man calling himself Adam Ali was appointed as a director of Belgravia Building Services Ltd and Belgravia Construction Group Ltd.  Both of these appointments were also false back-dated entries made in June 2020 stating that Adam Ali had been appointed in July 2019.

It is no coincidence that these three companies have similar names, all have back-dated filings at Companies House, which is quite rare, and all three have the same registered office address of Chantry House, 10a High Street, Billericay, England, CM12 9BQ.

Adam Ali is really Ansar Ali.  You can view Ansar Ali’s LinkedIn profile on this LINK.

Finally, you may say it’s clear there is a link between the name of Adam Ali and Ravinder Singh Dhillon because of Parkmount Group, but is there a clear link between Ravinder Singh Dhillon and Ansar Ali which ties all of this together ?

See this LINK to the directors of a company called FLS (GB) Ltd.   You will see that Ansar Ali and Ravinder Singh Dhillon were the two directors of that company.

In the next article on this scam network we will be looking look at Shuma Ali / Shuma Noor-Ali / Shuma Noor and highlighting her links with scams and scammers.  Not only is she going by the name of Shuma Noor, but her husband is apparently called Ansar Noor.  We’ll go on to prove that Ansar Noor is really Ansar Ali in that article and also provide further proof that Adam Ali is also really Ansar Ali.

To view our 3rd article in the trilogy (Coastal Supported Living Scam) please click HERE.

Parkmount Group Scam.


Scam Alert

Intercare Wealth Scam

Intercare Wealth Scam 300 233 SOS Team

Intercare Wealth Scam.

Intercare Wealth Ltd is running an investment scam.  Like other scams before it (Northern Powerhouse Developments, Carlauren Group, Qualiacare, St Camillus Care Group, Westway Holdings etc), it is targeting investors who would like to invest in opportunities which have health, wellbeing or significant socially responsible elements to their businesses e.g care homes, nursing homes, supported living schemes, respite solutions, social housing etc.

Intercare Wealth Ltd is a UK company incorporated less than a year ago in September 2020.  Its registered office is 20-22 Wenlock Road, London.  This is one of the UK’s leading ‘virtual office’ providers.  In other words, it’s just a postal address.  If you visit the office, you’ll find one receptionist who doesn’t have a clue which companies are registered at that address.  There are tens of thousands of companies registered at 20-22 Wenlock Road and none of them are actually there.

The director of Intercare Wealth Ltd is Amandeep Kaur.  This lady has history.  She is the partner of Ravinder Singh Dhillon who we have covered before (and will again later this week) – see this earlier article – LINK.

Before we look at the Intercare Wealth scam in more detail let’s delve into Amandeep Kaur’s history a little bit.  Amandeep Kaur was a director of UK company called The Argyle Group Ltd.  This company was formed in 2016.  It used another of the major London virtual office addresses at 152-160 City Road.  Her fellow director was Ravinder Singh Dhillon.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning about The Argyle Group in December 2019 – LINK to FCA Warning.  This company was involved in selling precious stones to investors which turned out to be not so precious, and then moved into selling scam crypto-currencies.  It was forced into liquidation in June 2020 and the investigation is ongoing.

More recently, in January 2020, Amandeep Kaur was appointed as a director of UK Property Club Ltd – LINK to Companies House details.  Rav Singh Dhillon runs a Facebook page called UKPropertyClub which is full of, well, HIMSELF.  This guy isn’t shy about his scams.  Here is a LINK to the Facebook page. 

Rav Dhillon’s facebook page appears to be focused on promoting investments offered by a company called Parkmount Group Ltd.  Here are three images from the UKPropertyClub Facebook page.

According to Rav Dhillon he is a director of Parkmount Group Ltd.  Well, as usual, that’s a lie……

Not only is he not a director and never has been (see this LINK to the Director page at Companies House which proves he has never been a director), but at the time of writing this article Parkmount Group Ltd is in the process of being dissolved by Companies House !  –  See below .

Parkmount Group – Striking Off Announcement

We wonder what will happen to all of the imaginary ‘divisions’ within this allegedly huge group.  The Parkmount Group website lists seven different divisions.  Here’s a LINK to the website.  These guys certainly have vivid imaginations.  Anyone who invested with Parkmount Group needs to contact Companies House immediately to prevent them from dissolving the company. 

Dissolving companies is common for this team of scammers.  They have history of never filing company accounts so that Companies House is forced to dissolve the companies.  If they don’t file accounts, then nobody will ever know how much money they’ve taken in from investors and the company simply disappears.

Another interesting point is that Parkmount Group only has one director registered at Companies House, Adam Ali, and he isn’t real !  It’s a false name, but we know who is using the name of Adam Ali.  We’re getting ahead of ourselves because we’ll be publishing a separate article on Parkmount Group later this week.

Back to Amandeep Kaur and her scam companies.  In May 2021, Mrs Kaur incorporated another UK company.  This one is called Harley Street Property Club Ltd.  It’s not actually based in Harley Street (although the website falsely claims that it is).  The company’s registered office is once again at the virtual office address of 20-22 Wenlock Road.  Here is a LINK to the Harley Street Property Club website.  Nicely put together, but a scam nonetheless.

So……. now we are back the the Intercare Wealth scam.  The Intercare Wealth website (LINK to website here) is soliciting investment into supported living housing i.e housing for some of the most vulnerable members of society who need extra help to live on their own.

Here are a couple of passages from the Intercare Wealth website which sums up the scam.  We have highlighted the lies in bold:

Working with Intercare Wealth can help you make the most of your investment in every way. As a national provider of social housing, we have a great deal of experience and expertise in providing supported living property. Our proven track record has been fuelled by our commitment and passion for delivering high-quality housing that changes the lives of vulnerable people enabling them to live independently and purposefully.

We already have a firm foothold in the market and a solid reputation. Our growth prospects are strong and as a financially viable association, we’re set to expand as a national provider securing properties for long-term social housing.

The true version is:

1. Intercare Wealth was formed in September 2020 with the aim of scamming investors.

2. Intercare Wealth is not a national provider of social housing.  In fact, it has no housing whatsoever.

3. Intercare Wealth has absolutely no experience or expertise in providing supported living property.

4. Intercare Wealth has no track record in supported living housing.

The only track record Amandeep Kaur and Ravinder Singh Dhillon have is in establishing scams, stealing a lot of money from investors and, so far, getting away with it.  Anyone who invests in any of the above-mentioned companies is guaranteed to lose their money because they are scams.

It is high time these scammers were stopped and locked up.

Intercare Wealth Scam.

There have been additional articles on this scam which you can view using the links below:





Scam Alert

Ravinder Singh Dhillon Scam Alert

Ravinder Singh Dhillon Scam Alert 300 233 SOS Team

Ravinder Singh Dhillon Scam Alert.

This is an urgent warning to anyone considering investing in, with or through, the following companies and websites  –  DON’T !

Intercare Wealth Ltd  –

Harley Street Property Club Ltd  –

Parkmount Group Ltd  –

UK Property Club Ltd  –  here is a link to its Facebook Page – LINK 

All of the above are promoting Ravinder Singh Dhillon’s latest scams in partnership with Amandeep Kaur.  We reported on Ravinder Singh Dhillon in September 2020 – LINK to our article.

Here is an updated image of Rav Dhillon from the UK Property Club Ltd facebook page.  Would you invest with this man ?  Hopefully the answer is NO.

Or would you trust him to recover your money from a scam if he looked like he did last September when he was claiming his company, PFI Ltd, could recover lost investments ?

Ravinder Singh Dhillon Scam Alert.

We will publish further articles on the above companies / websites later this week, but it is important to get this Scam Alert out now because members of the public are being approached by these companies.

There appears to be a link between Rav Dhillon and the infamous duo of Ansar (Adam) Ali and Sami Raja  –  LINK to Daily Mail Sami Raja newspaper article.  Ansar Ali and Sami Raja have been involved in many scams.  We have clients who were victims of these men and we know it gives them some satisfaction that Sami Raja is spending time behind bars.  Ansar Ali knows his name is toxic.  Ansar Ali was born in July 1976.  In recent years there have been no new directorships for Ansar Ali, but a new director has appeared on the scene using the name of Adam Ali, also born in July 1976.  They use the same addresses.

We’re also investigating a potential link between Rav Dhillon and another serial scammer we have reported on many times.  We have successfully closed down several of this scammers companies and there are similarities between the properties Rav Dhillon is allegedly involved in and the locations where this scammer operated. More on that later this week.

To view a more recent article on Ravinder Singh Dhillon’s activities in partnership with Amandeep Kaur click on this link.  The saga of this scam network continues.


Scam Alert

Axe Capital Scam

Axe Capital Scam 300 233 SOS Team

Axe Capital Scam

A group of scammers is contacting victims of investment scams claiming to be from the UK’s Official Receiver.  The Official Receiver is the UK Government body which deals with companies which have gone bust.  Here is a LINK to the UK Government’s explanation of the role of the Official Receiver.

This is a follow-on-fraud.  As you will see from the information below the aim is to steal money from investors.  They do so by advising their intended victims that they need to pay 10% of their original investment amount to a fictitious organisation called Axe Capital.

We were alerted to this scam by a person who reported the matter to the Official Receiver’s Office.  We could put this into our own words, but the report has been forwarded to us and it explains the situation very clearly.  Therefore, we have copied the report below (with some words altered in bold type to protect the investor’s identity).

Subject: Attempted scam using contact from ‘Official Receiver’s Office’


I contacted the Official Receiver’s Office by phone to report an attempted scam by someone purporting to be from the ORO and I was asked to send the details by email so the matter can be investigated further.


Many years ago my partner invested in [investment type and company name]. We had invested around £XXXXXXXX.

We were informed a couple of years ago that [Company Name] had gone bust and that an insolvency company had been appointed and indeed they were in touch with us and I sent as many details as I could, but eventually we were informed that they had not been able to identify our holdings.

Around that time we were plagued with unsolicited calls from companies offering to find our wine and requiring a ‘small’ investment in their company to set up an account. We did not hear from any further contacts until very recently.

The Call

The caller identified himself as Jeff Cox, a civil servant from the Official Receiver’s Office, part of the Insolvency Service.

He stated that the ORO had been brought in since BWC’s holdings had been seized by the Financial Ombudsman and they had so far dealt with 10% of the clients of [Company Name] restoring their investments.

I asked him again about himself and he repeated he was a civil servant in the ORO and had no personal pecuniary involvement in the matter. I asked him for a contact number and he gave me the number 02078673729.

He told me that in order for them to refund our investment we had to agree to handover our interest in the investment to the ORO through a solicitor/capital asset company and that 10% of the total amount needed to be transferred to Axe Capital Ltd.

I was told that we would have all of this refunded along with our £XXXXXXX that the ORO was supposedly holding for us.

He told us we would hear shortly from Axe Capital Ltd by post and we could phone the number they gave us to reassure ourselves about the safety of our deposit and they were covered by all the necessary regulatory authorities including the FCA.

Contact from ‘Axe Capital Ltd’

We received correspondence from Axe Capital in the post.  See attached documents.

What I have done subsequently

I checked on the ORO website to see if a Jeff Cox was employed there and was somewhat reassured that there was someone of that name.

I did a Google search on the phone number I had been given (02078673729) which took me to an entry on a website referring to something from Feb 2021 concerning the ‘Harvard Capital Scam’ which seems identical to the contact with me i.e. they give investors the story that ‘ the Insolvency Service had made contact and Harvard Capital will be in touch with them.’

On this site ( they provide redacted copies of letters from Harvard Capital which are identical in every respect to those I received from ‘Axe Capital’.  [SOS Comment – Here is a LINK to that article].

Withholding my number I phoned 02078673729 (the number Jeff Cox had given me for the ORO) twice.

The first time I asked who I was speaking to and was told ‘Harvard Capital’.

The second time I asked whether this was Jeff Cox and was told he was his colleague and they asked who I was, but I hung up.

Since ‘Jeff Cox’ seemed plausible to me at first I thought it important to alert the ORO that someone was impersonating a staff member and the ORO might want to know of a scam involving their good name hence my call.

Clearly I will not be sending any money anywhere. 

I would be most grateful if in due course you will let me know what you have found out about this matter.

It is pleasing to know that our Scam Alert in February 2021 prevented this investor from losing more money in the Axe Capital Scam.  We have not copied this person’s documents into this article because they are identical to the Harvard Capital scam.

The person answering the phone must have kicked himself after the phone call because he didn’t remember that his team had changed their scam identity to Axe Capital.  He answered the phone as Harvard Capital  –  not the sharpest tool in the box !

Quite often scammers use the name of a genuine employee at the organisation they are impersonating.  This case proves our theory that the same groups of scammers are responsible for multiple follow-on-frauds.  They just keep churning out the same scams under different identities.

Axe Capital Scam.



Roberto Pancaldi’s Scam Victims

Roberto Pancaldi’s Scam Victims 300 200 SOS Team

Roberto Pancaldi’s Scam Victims.

A few months ago we were contacted by an Italian law firm representing some of Roberto Pancaldi’s scam victims.  These were Italian citizens who bought rooms from him and who used B&M Law as their legal firm. Roberto Pancaldi has been involved in selling a lot of scams.

The B&M Law website lists Alastair Dobbie as a consultant solicitor [LINK to B&M Law website].  Alastair Dobbie does not mention being involved with B&M Law on either his LinkedIn page or on his profile page on the Shortlands Law website.  He also doesn’t mention his time with Fentons Solicitors.

It’s fair to say that Mr Dobbie’s time at both firms has not been without controversy.  Now there has been an issue at Shortlands Law which has resulted in a Costs Order against the scam victims who were represented by Shortlands Law.  That is rubbing salt into their wounds, especially when the case should never have been brought to court – LINK to our article on this subject.

We didn’t announce the contact from the Italian law firm until now because the investors were signing up to a legal claim against B&M Law.  We have been advised that this has now begun and the firm has been informed.

Unfortunately, not all of Roberto Pancaldi’s scam victims have been able to join the legal action.  It now appears Mr Pancaldi’s offer to help investors to whom he sold scams is dependent on them signing a waiver document.  The document requires investors to give up all their rights to take action against him for compensation.  The majority of his investors live in Italy and believe they are reliant on his help so many of them have signed the waiver.  Roberto Pancaldi is represented by Alastair Dobbie.  It makes us wonder how many other ‘investor co-ordinators’ have tricked investors into giving them immunity from prosecution. They’re not quite the good Samaritans they make themselves out to be.


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