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Money Mules and Facilitators – Part 1

Money Mules and Facilitators – Part 1 450 676 SOS Team

Money Mules and Facilitators – Part 1.

For a long time we have been concerned that not enough is being done to target the money mules and facilitators who provide essential services to scams. Without the assistance of these key partners, scammers would find it impossible to establish, promote, take investors’ money and operate their scams.


Money mules allow their bank accounts to be used by scams to collect money from investors. We are regularly contacted by victims of scams who did not realise they had paid their investment to a money mule. When we look at the details of their transactions we can see that in a lot of cases they made their payments to money mules.

There is a Europol initiative called the European Money Mule Action which has been in operation for a number of years. Here is a link to a website which explains ‘money muling’. LINK TO EUROPOL SITE.

The problem is that law enforcement tends to view the money mule providers as ignorant victims. Rarely does a money mule face criminal prosecution despite it being a criminal offence. Money mules aren’t stupid. They know that if they are being paid to let someone use their ID to run scam bank accounts then it’s bound to be for illegal purposes, but until the prosecuting authorities take the matter seriously and prosecute money mules it will never stop.

The real victims in these cases are the investors who have lost their money, not the money mules. Money mules should be prosecuted to send a message to others that money muling is a criminal offence and has long-term consequences.

For that reason, we are putting resource into targeting money mules on behalf of our clients who were tricked into sending their cash to them. In one case, that of Clear View Marketing Services Ltd which one of our clients wound up in March 2019, we ended up identifying almost 50 different money mule accounts which were used by that company to take in money from investors. As far as we are aware none of them have ever faced criminal prosecution or been ordered to repay the money. CVMS ran a crypto-currency scam called the European Property Coin. This was a scam fronted by Florian Pierini who is in court right now facing charges of money-laundering for his role in a separate scam which stole around £15m from investors (the Essex and London Properties scam).


We mentioned in an earlier article – LINK HERE – that we had started the ScamTrackers Initiative. The first video was published this week. The series will cover our efforts in exposing the StratXMarkets binary option scam and our work with John, an investor in StratXMarkets, in closing down and investigating one of the money mules which took in a lot of money for that organisation. We’re now focused on another of the money mules that John paid.

John’s video story will break down the case and explain how we arranged for someone to visit an address in Estepona, Spain last month, how we recently tracked another money mule provider linked to the StratXMarkets scam to his place of work. Unbelievably he was working under the umbrella of one of the largest FCA-regulated companies in the UK and described as a ‘Business Development Manager’, and how we established links to several other binary option scams which all appeared to be separate operations, but which we could prove were linked to one family in Essex.

The pursuit of the money mules involved in StratXMarkets will lead to a prosecution because one of the money mule companies involved in John’s case received more than £1m from investors.


Facilitators covers the people and companies which provide escrow services, security trustee services, back-office functions, seed funding / bridging loans, and the sales and marketing service. Recent judgements in the UK courts have made it a little easier for victims of scams to take action against these parties.

The barrier, as always, is the reluctance of victims to risk more money (which is understandable) as they feel they may be throwing good money after bad. This is one of the factors that scammers and the facilitators rely on. Investors often believe that they can get law firms to offer ‘no-win no-fee’ deals, but our experience is that law firms are generally only willing to offer these deals in cases where there are regulated or well-insured targets, or where the asset position of the target is exceptionally strong. In a lot of cases it requires specialist asset-tracing companies to determine the assets of dishonest company directors.

If you decide to invest with any company you should ensure that you pay your money direct into the bank account of that company, not to the sales agent company, nor to what is described as “an escrow account”, and certainly not to any bank account with a completely different name from the company you are investing with.

Escrow accounts are used to act as a screen between the investor and the scam company so that the investor has no idea where their money ultimately ends up. The escrow company always uses the excuses of “client confidentiality or data protection” to stop investors finding out where they sent the money. In the majority of cases we come across we already know the escrow company because of its links to other scams e.g the Graham Arnott suite of companies which includes Jade State Wealth Ltd. There’s a small group of repeat offenders we see time after time.

Investors should always refuse to pay their money to an escrow company unless they have checked it out very thoroughly and obtained written confirmation from the escrow company regarding the instructions they have been given for distributing the investors’ money. If they won’t tell you – walk away and do not send any money. Scam companies have normally agreed with the escrow company that it should pay the money to different places e.g sales agent for their undeclared commissions, “admin fees” to offshore companies, fees to companies linked to the directors etc. Quite often the escrow company will be distributing 50% or more of an investor’s money in this way. For example, in the case of a £14m scam involving Glenn King and David Hyman, 70% of the investors’ money was distributed to these various parties. In the case of the Solari Energy scam, 85% of the investors’ money was distributed.

We will cover some of the facilitators in Part 2.

Money Mules and Facilitators – Part 1. Money Mules and Facilitators – Part 1.


ScamTrackers Video 2 Published

ScamTrackers Video 2 Published 226 160 SOS Team

ScamTrackers Video 2 Published.

A second video in the ScamTrackers series following the story of John K and his efforts to recover money from the StratXMarkets scam has been published.

John mentions that he was contacted by a lot of people who allegedly worked at StratXMarkets. Here is a list of names which were used by those people and a few others who were involved or lent support to the scam. Any information on their whereabouts would be gratefully received. Some of them we have already tracked down and John’s future videos will provide information on the action which has been taken against them and which is still ongoing.

Charles Waterman

Alexander Griffiths

Stephen Travis

David Chambers

David Thornton

Ross St Clare

Robert Samuels

Jason Daniels

Daniel Thomas

Tom Joseph

Richard Owen

Alex Dabbs

Daniel Green

Madeleine McCarthy

Gregory Odia

Elizabeth Odia

Derrick Williams

Samantha Williams

Nicholas Adamou

Bradley Staerck

Rafael Santin

George Radford

Eddie Campbell

Yoav Barnes

Alan Curran

Simon Curran

In the second video John mentions two men from this list. The first is Daniel Green. A horrible man who was convicted of raping a woman at the StratXMarkets office. HERE IS A LINK TO A BBC ARTICLE ON HIS CONVICTION.

The second man is ROSS ST CLARE who visited John at his home in an effort to persuade him to invest more money.  Below are a couple of images of Ross St Clare which John confirms is the man who visited him. Ross St Clare also calls himself ROSS GAUDION-ST CLARE.


ScamTrackers Video 2 Published.  John’s video is now on Youtube and can be viewed using THIS LINK.

To view the next article in this series on StratXMarkets please click on THIS LINK.


Bondreview Comments

Bondreview Comments 350 350 SOS Team

Bondreview Comments.

When the owner of bondreview wanted to retire we agreed to take over the management and keep the site alive. It was recently pointed out to us that there was an issue with the comments facility which prevented people from making new comments. We have now re-enabled the comments section to allow interested parties to post their comments.

The site can be found on THIS LINK.

Our message to the director of Osmai FX who writes to us occasionally threatening legal action if the article about Osmai FX, published on bondreview, is not removed is to stop wasting his time. It’s staying up. We’re still waiting for that threatening letter from your solicitor that you keep promising.

Our policy for bondreview is the same as for Safe Or Scam. If there is clear evidence of a false statement we will amend the offending article to take that into account. We are rarely sent any clear evidence of a false statement, and we certainly haven’t received anything from Osmai FX that warrants the article being amended.


Scam Alert

Redstart Investments Follow-On-Fraud

Redstart Investments Follow-On-Fraud 300 233 SOS Team

Redstart Investments Follow-On-Fraud.

A scam organisation operating under the name ‘Redstart Investments Limited’ is attempting to persuade the victims of the Essex and London Properties fraud to pay money to their follow-on-fraud.  This fraud is a false promise that they have found a buyer for the worthless investment. All the investor needs to do is pay an advance fee.

The fact the Police investigation has revealed that all the money paid into the Essex and London Properties scam was dispersed and nothing of any value was ever actually bought, seems to have gone over the heads of the Redstart scammers. Incredibly, they claim to have found a third party who is willing to pay £14m for absolutely nothing.

The Redstart Investments Follow-On-Fraud is obviously a scam and not a particularly good one. For a start, they don’t have the email addresses of the victims and are having to send out the letters by post. At this point we normally say that there is a genuine Redstart Investments Limited (which there is) and that it has nothing to do with this scam. Its name has been stolen by the scammers and is just being used by them. That would appear to be the case here. The genuine Redstart Investments Limited was incorporated in 2016 and is run by two Serbian directors. The accounts show they have assets of more than £45m. It’s hard to imagine they would be interested in a low-grade follow-on-fraud, but we can never completely rule it out. For a company that claims to have £45m in assets its account filings look a little bit shabby. This is the website of their accountant – LINK TO WEBSITE. It doesn’t inspire confidence and we would recommend that he updates it. Perhaps he only has a few clients. Judging by the quality of the website he wants to keep it that way. Very odd.

You will note from the pages below (redacted to protect the identity of the Essex and London Properties investor) that the recipients of this scam letter do not have to worry. The money they are due to receive as their payment is guaranteed by ‘Prince Investments Ltd’. You will note the statement in document 2:

Guaranteed For and On Behalf of Prince Investments Limited by:    Ivana Miskovic Karic

The only problem here is that Ivana Miskovic Karic has nothing to do with Prince Investments Limited. Ms Karic is a director of Redstart Investments Limited, as you can see from document 1. She can’t sign on behalf of Prince Investments Limited because she is not a director of that company and has nothing to do with them. That’s a very basic error signifying that this really is a poor quality scam and the scammers are pretty lazy.

Also, please remember that scammers have software which can replicate any telephone number. They can make their phone number look like any phone number anywhere in the world so just because you see a London number does not mean they are in London.

It’s possible the scammers may target the victims of other investment scams in the future so if you have invested in a scam be warned. Don’t fall for the Redstart Investments follow-on-fraud because you will lose the money that you pay to them.


Scam Alert

Harley Street Property Club Scam

Harley Street Property Club Scam 300 233 SOS Team

Harley Street Property Club Scam.

In December we were contacted by a man who had invested in the Harley Street Property Club scam operated by Ravinder Singh and his wife Amandeep Kaur. We’ve covered Ravinder Singh a few times because he is a serial scammer. We exchanged a few emails with the investor and last week we received this email below:

Dear XXXX & Team,

Further to following your advice – just to let you know that I have surprisingly now got all of the money back!

Many thanks for all your help,

It appears that Rav Singh has been promoting his HSPC scam to health care professionals. The investor had not paid his money into a HSPC account, but into an Intercare Wealth bank account. Intercare Wealth Ltd was just about to be dissolved so an intervention was necessary to prevent that from happening.

Now for the bad news. Rav Singh isn’t giving up. He issued this statement just before the new year:

“As 2021 draws to a close, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has worked with Harley Street Property Club this year, both clients and business partners. It has been pleasure, and I hope to speak to many of you face to face in the coming year. This year has been a fantastic year for both me personally (I have been blessed with another daughter) and for the business, which has gone from strength to strength.

For this reason, I have decided to rebrand the company in order to add a more personal touch. As many of you may be aware I am now the sole proprietor of Harley Street Property Club and I feel strongly that for many clients having this one-to-one relationship plays a crucial part in how they feel about our business together. I will be rebranding in the coming year and going forward the company will be renamed as Rav Singh Consultancy Group.

Changes to the business aside from the name change the company will be operating in much the same manner as it is currently. If you are already a client with us, then nothing will change as far as your investment goes in relation to both dividends and physical ownership of your assets. We will continue with our central goal to turn abandoned commercial / residential property into high quality supported accommodation providing vital residential support for people who need it including people living with disabilities, mental health and other life-long conditions. We will also continue to offer both passive investment and physical ownership options with regards to all of our properties available in our portfolio.

One exciting addition to the business moving into 2022 is that we will be working with an in-house tax advisor who specialises exclusively in offering advice to individuals in the medical profession. This service will be available as an additional add on for all of our clients and is ideal for those individuals who may be cash rich but a little time poor as well as those in need of a little extra advice and help. I wish you ALL a FANTASTIC end to your year and an even better start to 2022.

Best, Rav”

The investor who contacted us is a health care professional. He provided us with a copy of the Harley Street Property Club investment brochure. Unfortunately we cannot publish it because it contains a testimonial from this investor and a photograph of him. He has advised us that he has never given a testimonial for the Harley Street Property Club scam and he demanded that they remove his photograph and fake testimonial from the brochure. The fake testimonial reads as follows:


 I made the decision to invest with HSPC after holding lengthy consultations with Rav and the team.

I am excited by the scope and potential of the Company along with their desire and attitude to develop homes across the UK for the purpose of supported living.

My portfolio is providing me with a passive income, and I am pleased with the monthly payments.

So far so good.

There are two other testimonials in the brochure given by health care professionals. The one above is fake so it’s fair to assume that the others are too. The brochure also says:

“We offer a strong track record in creating high quality, high yield housing, minimising outlay while maximising returns. It’s a rare and highly prized combination of skills ideally suited to these uncertain times and one that has helped numerous investors to profit with us. Our reputation has attracted some exceptional partnerships with clients, service providers and financiers”.

 “Key Achievements:

186 units identified, acquired, developed and handed over within five months.

Several abandoned buildings brought back to life.

Development of quality, comfortable and psychologically informed accommodation for vulnerable and at risk adults.

Total housing, support package delivered through a single provider.

Project completed and handed over within five months”.

186 units. That’s an impressive performance for a company formed in May 2021 during the middle of a Covid pandemic. What a shame that his claims aren’t true. Amandeep Kaur, his wife, is the only director and shareholder of Harley Street Property Club Ltd and has been since it was formed.

You can read about Rav Singh’s Intercare Wealth scam in our previous articles. HERE IS A LINK TO THE FOURTH ARTICLE IN THE SERIES. We think they’re a good read.

This is a serious situation because Singh’s scam is seeking to manipulate vulnerable people who need supported living services. Investors need to file reports with Action Fraud so that the UK Police will start an investigation.

Beware of Rav Singh and Amandeep Kaur. They’re serial scammers.

On 22nd March 2022 we published an updated article on the Harley Street Property Club Scam. It can be viewed on THIS LINK.


James Moore Sentenced to 11 Years

James Moore Sentenced to 11 Years 300 300 SOS Team

James Moore sentenced to 11 years in a US prison for his role in the Bar Works workspace scam.

James Moore was a leading figure in the world of high volume scam selling from around 2000 until 2017. He ran a very large network of sales agents around the world from his centre of operations in Marbella, Spain. Thousands of investors lost a lot of money to the scams marketed by his sales network.

James Moore’s organisation only marketed BIG projects which had global appeal and tapped into new investment themes which could be exploited to the maximum. He wasn’t interested in small projects. He often worked with Renwick Haddow who was also a big player around that time. Haddow, a qualified accountant, came up with the project concepts and Moore pushed them out through his network. Between them they stripped ordinary investors of hundreds of millions of dollars.

James Moore was fresh out of prison in the US for his part in a major Florida property scam when he was charged with offences related to Bar Works. We’ve covered Bar Works in the past because we were the ones who exposed the scam and revealed that the CEO of Bar Works, a man called Jonathan Black, was fake. Jonathan Black was actually Renwick Haddow operating under a false identity. At the time, Haddow was involved in a protracted civil prosecution in the UK brought against him and his associates by the Financial Conduct Authority. Such was his confidence in his own invincibility, he started two new scams in the USA whilst his court case in the UK was still going. One of the scams involved Bitcoin and the other was a workspace scam called Bar Works.

James Moore liked the Bar Works concept. Bar Works sold virtual workspaces in large premises. Investors paid $25,000 for a workspace that didn’t exist. Haddow would put a deposit down on a leasehold premises in New York, claim that he could put 500 desks in the building and then sell the desks to investors raising $12.5m. Nobody would normally consider paying $25,000 for a desk, but Haddow was the original founder of the guaranteed rental / guaranteed buy-back concept which has been used by scammers in car parking plot scams, hotel room scams, care home room scams and others, ever since.

Investors pay $25,000 for the desk. Bar Works signs up local ‘members’ who need somewhere to work in New York on an occasional basis (as opposed to sitting in Starbucks). The members pay a monthly fee and can use the desk facility and meeting rooms in the Bar Works site. The fees from members are allegedly enough to pay desk owners 10% return every year. Bar Works will then buy back the workspace from the investor after 5 years for $30,000. It’s a simple concept that never, ever works, but it looks good on paper.

It was good enough for James Moore because he could see expansion into more and more sites each taking in millions of dollars in desk sales in a giant expanding ponzi scheme. It would be 5 years before investors realised that they weren’t going to get their $30,000 buy-back. Moore loved it because he wasn’t having to sell properties priced at $300,000+ which is hard work. The entry level here was just $25,000 and he knew investors would love a 10% guaranteed rental every year and a guaranteed buy-back. He was right and the product was flying out the door. Investors around the world were flocking to it.

Haddow was putting deposits down on more commercial properties. Manhattan, the Bronx and Chambers in New York. New sites in California and Florida. It was going so well that Moore felt he deserved a bigger piece of the pie. Sales commission was OK, but he knew Haddow was making a fortune and Moore felt it was all down to his sales network. Moore demanded a stake in Bar Works itself. The problem was that Haddow’s ego was as big as Moore’s. He refused to share so there was a break-up.

By that point Haddow knew James Moore’s whole sales network because Haddow’s office staff were dealing with them all on a daily basis. He contacted the sales agents offering to go direct to them with new sites, cutting out James Moore’s HQ operation and paying the commission Moore had been getting to the sales agents. Moore fought back by starting a rival operation to Haddow. He formed his own workspace company, OurSpace, based in Dubai, with a new corrupt partner called Kevan Halliwell. Moore used cash provided by his Colombian wife to finance it because he didn’t want Haddow to know about his involvement in OurSpace. The cash was provided under the table so it wouldn’t show up in any records. He then promoted OurSpace through his sales network offering them higher commissions than Haddow. The battle of the workspace scams had begun.

The outcome was inevitable. Haddow couldn’t sell enough new workspaces to keep his US-based ponzi scheme going and it started to unravel. Rental payments stopped and, despite putting a lot of effort into maintaining the pretence that Jonathan Black existed, Bar Works eventually got a knock on the door from the SEC and the FBI. Game over for Haddow.

As for Moore, well Kevan Halliwell was a poor man’s Renwick Haddow and wasn’t up to the job. He was also dishonest. When Moore was arrested on charges related to the Florida property scam he asked for his wife’s money back so he could pay for his defence. Halliwell’s response was “money, what money ? You never gave me any money”.

A Ponzi Scheme needs to keep bringing in fresh money all the time or it collapses. Dubai wasn’t anywhere near as attractive to international investors as New York, Florida or California so sales were slow and lower volume. They simply weren’t enough to maintain the rental payments to existing investors. OurSpace collapsed with only two sites. One in Dubai and one in Marbella.

So now we are approaching the end game. Moore has been sentenced to 11 years. Haddow is under arrest in the USA and has pleaded guilty to fraud. He will be sentenced in a couple of months.

To view a Press Release issued by the US Attorney’s Office in New York PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK.

To view an earlier article on OurSpace published in May 2020 PLEASE CLICK HERE.

James Moore Sentenced to 11 Years. James Moore Sentenced to 11 Years.


Essex and London Properties Criminal Case

Essex and London Properties Criminal Case 300 300 SOS Team

Essex and London Properties Criminal Case

We have covered progress on the E&LP case for a few years and have an investor group involved in a civil claim with a UK lawyer. This week, the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service brought their case against six people involved in the scam to the Court in London. There were originally seven people, but one had already pleaded guilty.

The defendants are facing criminal charges linked to their involvement. They are Mitchell Mallin (a building site labourer who the founders of the scheme would like people to believe was the mastermind, but who in reality still has L and R written on the top of his shoes to help him), Anthony Whymark (a sales agent who has sold a lot of scams over the years), Abdul Mukith (a man with a history of involvement in scams), Mohammed Hussain (who we don’t know a lot about), Florian Pierini (a serial scammer who moved from this scam into a digital currency scam called European Property Coin) and Jeffrey Razaq (a former disqualified director and an enabler who sets up the scams and sales teams. He was disqualified for his involvement in the MH Carbon carbon credit scam). The court was told that almost £14m was raised from investors for the Essex and London Properties scam. The prosecution case is that it was an illegal Ponzi scheme and the investors have lost all their money.

The prosecution alleged that the company either falsely claimed to own properties or forged documents to show that it owned properties to make it look like the money was being invested. Mallin, Whymark and Mukith were charged with investment fraud. They were also charged with money-laundering along with Hussain and Pierini.  Razaq was charged with receiving money which he knew was the proceeds of crime.

The court heard that more than £2m was transferred to accounts linked to the defendants and almost £5m was transferred to offshore accounts in the United Arab Emirates. That’s a lot of money going offshore for a company that was supposed to be buying properties in the UK. We’re hoping there will be some information in the future on whether the Police were able to recover any of that offshore money.

Investor funds were routed through escrow companies such as Jade State Wealth Ltd, owned by accountant Graham Arnott. Mr Arnott has a lot of companies. They are linked to at least a dozen investment scams and, based on recent information received, Mr Arnott’s companies continue to offer financial services to new scams. Neither Jade State Wealth Ltd nor Graham Arnott were charged with any offence.

All defendants are disputing the charges and have pleaded not guilty. The hearing continues into next week.

To view our previous article on the Essex and London Properties criminal case please click on THIS LINK.  We will publish another article when the case concludes.

Essex and London Properties Criminal Case.

See THIS LINK for our update on this case dated 5th April 2022.


ScamTrackers – A New Initiative

ScamTrackers – A New Initiative 350 225 SOS Team

ScamTrackers – A New Initiative.

Safe Or Scam has launched a new video channel on Youtube which we have called ‘ScamTrackers’. We have been a bit quiet lately in posting new articles for a number of reasons e.g scam actions coming to a conclusion which needed our attention, staff shortages, new people coming in and some people retiring, revisiting old scams with fresh eyes so that we can go after the perpetrators again, reviewing new legal judgements which might give rise to more recovery options for investors, and simple fatigue. It’s tiring chasing scammers.

But we’re back with some new initiatives and new partnerships. The first initiative is ScamTrackers. The aim of the channel is primarily to allow the victims of scams to have a voice by publishing short videos that they have made. These are people who are not content to just accept what has happened to them. Some of them have been working with us to hold the perpetrators to account and have been keen to be involved in the research and investigation.

During 2021 a few of the investigations we started turned into full-scale criminal investigations. We won’t be able to publish videos involving those cases and we may have to take down some videos in the future if they ever become criminal investigations.

One case we can comment on is Essex and London Properties because that case is in court this week. Criminal charges were brought against seven people. We’re disappointed it wasn’t more because there are some people whose companies have been involved in at least a dozen scams, including the Essex and London Properties case, and have always avoided being charged. These are the people who provide the continuity which enables scam after scam to be launched, but claim that they were “just a third party escrow agent” or “just a third party office services company”.  If the authorities focused on these companies and the individuals behind them they would put a stop to a lot of scams. We’ll provide an update on the Essex and London case tomorrow.

In addition to victim videos, ScamTrackers will produce its own videos focusing on “the ones that get away”. Every time a video is published we will write a blog article. The first video is very short and is John K setting up his camera in his conservatory. There’s nothing of any substance in it. That comes later. John inherited a lot of money and became a target for scammers. They took the lot. We are starting with John’s investment in StratXMarkets, a binary option scam. If he wants to tell the world about the other scams that will be up to him. Quite a few people are understandably too upset to share their experience of being scammed and it takes a lot of guts to do it. If anyone would like to provide a video please let us know.

ScamTrackers fits nicely into another new initiative which is where we will focus on Money Mules. These are the people who take in the investment money for scam operations. It’s actually a criminal offence to do that, but few are ever prosecuted. It’s time to change that. To view an action John took against a money mule company in 2019 please CLICK HERE.

John’s camera check video can be viewed on THIS LINK . The teddy bear is a bit odd, but John tells us he picked it up at his local refuse centre when somebody was just about to throw it away. We’ve all done it !! In my case it was a plastic sandpit with a hole in it. Let’s just say it was back at the tip an hour after I proudly showed it to my partner.

UPDATE: A new video has been published. SEE THIS LINK TO AN UPDATED ARTICLE.

ScamTrackers – A New Initiative.


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