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Harley Street Property Club Scam.

In December we were contacted by a man who had invested in the Harley Street Property Club scam operated by Ravinder Singh and his wife Amandeep Kaur. We’ve covered Ravinder Singh a few times because he is a serial scammer. We exchanged a few emails with the investor and last week we received this email below:

Dear XXXX & Team,

Further to following your advice – just to let you know that I have surprisingly now got all of the money back!

Many thanks for all your help,

It appears that Rav Singh has been promoting his HSPC scam to health care professionals. The investor had not paid his money into a HSPC account, but into an Intercare Wealth bank account. Intercare Wealth Ltd was just about to be dissolved so an intervention was necessary to prevent that from happening.

Now for the bad news. Rav Singh isn’t giving up. He issued this statement just before the new year:

“As 2021 draws to a close, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has worked with Harley Street Property Club this year, both clients and business partners. It has been pleasure, and I hope to speak to many of you face to face in the coming year. This year has been a fantastic year for both me personally (I have been blessed with another daughter) and for the business, which has gone from strength to strength.

For this reason, I have decided to rebrand the company in order to add a more personal touch. As many of you may be aware I am now the sole proprietor of Harley Street Property Club and I feel strongly that for many clients having this one-to-one relationship plays a crucial part in how they feel about our business together. I will be rebranding in the coming year and going forward the company will be renamed as Rav Singh Consultancy Group.

Changes to the business aside from the name change the company will be operating in much the same manner as it is currently. If you are already a client with us, then nothing will change as far as your investment goes in relation to both dividends and physical ownership of your assets. We will continue with our central goal to turn abandoned commercial / residential property into high quality supported accommodation providing vital residential support for people who need it including people living with disabilities, mental health and other life-long conditions. We will also continue to offer both passive investment and physical ownership options with regards to all of our properties available in our portfolio.

One exciting addition to the business moving into 2022 is that we will be working with an in-house tax advisor who specialises exclusively in offering advice to individuals in the medical profession. This service will be available as an additional add on for all of our clients and is ideal for those individuals who may be cash rich but a little time poor as well as those in need of a little extra advice and help. I wish you ALL a FANTASTIC end to your year and an even better start to 2022.

Best, Rav”

The investor who contacted us is a health care professional. He provided us with a copy of the Harley Street Property Club investment brochure. Unfortunately we cannot publish it because it contains a testimonial from this investor and a photograph of him. He has advised us that he has never given a testimonial for the Harley Street Property Club scam and he demanded that they remove his photograph and fake testimonial from the brochure. The fake testimonial reads as follows:


 I made the decision to invest with HSPC after holding lengthy consultations with Rav and the team.

I am excited by the scope and potential of the Company along with their desire and attitude to develop homes across the UK for the purpose of supported living.

My portfolio is providing me with a passive income, and I am pleased with the monthly payments.

So far so good.

There are two other testimonials in the brochure given by health care professionals. The one above is fake so it’s fair to assume that the others are too. The brochure also says:

“We offer a strong track record in creating high quality, high yield housing, minimising outlay while maximising returns. It’s a rare and highly prized combination of skills ideally suited to these uncertain times and one that has helped numerous investors to profit with us. Our reputation has attracted some exceptional partnerships with clients, service providers and financiers”.

 “Key Achievements:

186 units identified, acquired, developed and handed over within five months.

Several abandoned buildings brought back to life.

Development of quality, comfortable and psychologically informed accommodation for vulnerable and at risk adults.

Total housing, support package delivered through a single provider.

Project completed and handed over within five months”.

186 units. That’s an impressive performance for a company formed in May 2021 during the middle of a Covid pandemic. What a shame that his claims aren’t true. Amandeep Kaur, his wife, is the only director and shareholder of Harley Street Property Club Ltd and has been since it was formed.

You can read about Rav Singh’s Intercare Wealth scam in our previous articles. HERE IS A LINK TO THE FOURTH ARTICLE IN THE SERIES. We think they’re a good read.

This is a serious situation because Singh’s scam is seeking to manipulate vulnerable people who need supported living services. Investors need to file reports with Action Fraud so that the UK Police will start an investigation.

Beware of Rav Singh and Amandeep Kaur. They’re serial scammers.

On 22nd March 2022 we published an updated article on the Harley Street Property Club Scam. It can be viewed on THIS LINK.


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