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April 2019


OurSpace Flop

OurSpace Flop 3000 2000 Safe or Scam

Last week Kevan Halliwell presented his latest rescue plan – the OurSpace flop. As it turned out it was a…

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OurSpace Trickery

OurSpace Trickery 3000 2000 Safe or Scam

This week Kevan Halliwell was up to his usual Ourspace trickery. Yet another dishonest offer to investors designed to enrich…

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OurSpace CEO Update

OurSpace CEO Update 150 150 Safe or Scam

On 11th April 2019 Kevan Halliwell sent out an Ourspace CEO Update email. He is handing the hat around once…

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Phenco Oil

Phenco Oil 3000 2000 Safe or Scam

An update to Phenco oil investors was sent out by Martin Finch on 4th April 2019. In brief it said…

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European Property Coin – 6

European Property Coin – 6 150 150 Safe or Scam

We are pleased to announce that, at a hearing in the High Court in London on 27th March 2019, the…

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