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Safe Or Scam protects investors from being taken in by scam investments, dishonest sales companies and unscrupulous salespeople. We can undertake a thorough review before you invest.

If the investment has already been made we can work with you to take action to recover your money.

It does not matter if the investment has collapsed and the perpetrators have run off. Action may still be possible to recover funds.

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If consulted BEFORE investing we can save you from financial loss, stress and heartache. If consulted AFTER investing we can identify undisclosed risks, omissions and false statements. We can then work with you on investment recovery actions.

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The Problem

The number of false, misleading and scam investments being promoted to the public is increasing. They often appear highly credible, low risk and are sold by very persuasive sales teams. Often this is just a smokescreen. The projects fail. Websites disappear. Phone calls and emails go unanswered. Investors are left high and dry with no idea of how to recover their investment.

The Solution

SOS can review all elements of the investments and provide investors with personalised guidance on potential recovery options. We  help to form investor action groups to pursue recovery actions. We track down the perpetrators and hold them to account. We can involve solicitor partners when necessary and will do our utmost to recover investor funds.

How We Work

We undertake a full review of your investment from first contact through to the present day. Once the review is complete you are free to take your own action or to instruct SOS to work with you on a recovery action. SOS recovery actions are normally undertaken on a no-win no-fee basis for a percentage of what is recovered. Please contact us for more information.


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recovery action

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Star ratings

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Binary Options Scam – StratXMarkets – Update

In recent weeks we have taken major steps forward in identifying the parties responsible for this huge scam. We are focused on the money trail and expect to be able to identify the people who stole investors' money in the near future. This would...

Prosperity – Bentley Court and Parkwood Rise

Safe Or Scam is looking into the activities of PDC Prosperity Management (Cyprus) Ltd on behalf of a number of concerned investors. Safe Or Scam was approached by investors in Bentley Court and Parkwood Rise tower blocks in Keighley, West...

European Property Coin Scam – Update Nov 2018

Some European Property Coin investors, with the assistance of Safe Or Scam, have begun taking positive action to reclaim their investments. The EPC scam is coming to an end and the perpetrators are becoming increasingly desperate to squeeze more...

Solari Energy – Update 2

This action is now in a position to move forward very quickly. There have been communications with the law firm representing Doug Fletcher and Solari Energy in Australia, the representative of Global Biofuels Group based in Hong Kong, and...

Platinum One – Golden Sands Developments Platinum Ltd

Safe Or Scam undertook a review of the Platinum One project at the request of an investor. The company running that project, Golden Sands Developments Platinum Ltd, is now in administration along with several other companies controlled by the...

Essex and London Properties Ltd – Update

Essex Police have concluded their fraud investigation and passed the case to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration. The liquidator Begbies Traynor has referred their investigation to the Official Receiver. SOS has been working with a UK...

Bar Works Inc / Central FX

Following a recent newspaper article in the Daily Telegraph describing an action launched against Central FX by more than 50 investors in the Bar Works Inc Ponzi Scheme, SOS met with the appointed solicitor to review the evidence gathered by SOS...

St Helier Capital Management – Update 4

The clients who invested in St Helier Capital Management Ltd are now ready to take the matter to court. SOS has been gathering more evidence against St Helier and its director Simon Whittley. It appears Simon Whittley is no stranger to court...

Safe Or Scam Appoints Second Licensee

Safe Or Scam is very pleased to welcome Suzanne to our team. Suzanne, like James, was a former Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police in London. In the past Suzanne has worked on investigations involving financial crime, money laundering,...

Safe Or Scam Appoints First Licensee

Safe Or Scam has signed up our first OAL (Official Approved Licensee) in the UK. We expect to announce our second OAL later this week. We are very pleased to welcome James to our team. James is a former Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police...

SOS Launches New Licensee Program

We are pleased to announce our new Official Approved Licensee (“OAL”) Program. The program launched on 1st August 2018 aimed at attracting motivated people around the world who are looking for a new career as an investment reviewer and investigator...

St Helier Capital Management Ltd – Update 3

A solicitor representing Safe Or Scam clients has given Simon Whittley and St Helier Capital Management Ltd a date by which our clients must be refunded in full, along with costs, in order to avoid court action. Simon Whittley, as sole director of...

European Property Coin Scam_Update July 2018

Florian Pierini, the sole director of Clear View Marketing Services Ltd which operates the scam digital currency - European Property Coin, has announced he is leaving the company with immediate effect. In fact, when he sent his letter out on 18th...

Solari Energy – Update 1

Safe Or Scam is working with a group of 37 investors and a UK solicitor to recover investments made into Solari Energy, a solar energy company based in Australia. The investment involved unregulated sales agents selling profit shares to investors...

Osage 1 Ltd, Phenco Ltd and Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd

Osage 1, Phenco and Sooner Energy are oil investments in the USA. They have only one director - Martin John Finch. He is also a director of Kansas MB Project Ltd and Kansas B2 Project Ltd, also oil investments. Between these companies they have...

St Helier Capital Management Ltd – Update 2

A Safe Or Scam client was promised a refund in writing from Simon Whittley which would be paid before the end of June 2018. That refund never arrived. SOS spoke to two clients who agreed that we should write to Simon Whittley offering him a...

St Helier Capital Management – Update 1

Further to an earlier post on this subject, Safe Or Scam has now received a letter from a "Mr Simon Whittley-Ryan, Director, St Helier Capital Management Ltd". This is new. Perhaps Simon Whittley has married a Miss Ryan in the last few weeks...

McLaren Price – Binary Options Scam

Safe Or Scam has recently updated our website on binary options scams to cover McLaren Price Ltd and McLaren Price Solutions Ltd. These companies are now dissolved but it is a straightforward process to have them reinstated should investors choose...

Essex and London Properties – June Update

Safe Or Scam is working with a small group of investors to obtain a leading barrister's opinion on the potential for civil claims against some of the participants in the Essex and London Properties fraud. In all around 500 investors paid into this...

Allansons Litigation Funding

We have recently reviewed the Allansons Litigation Funding opportunity on behalf of a client who was considering investing in this product. We highlighted a number of concerns which we advised our client to raise direct with Allansons Solicitors...

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