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Safe Or Scam protects investors from being taken in by scam investments, dishonest sales companies and unscrupulous salespeople. We can undertake a thorough review before you invest.

If the investment has already been made we can work with you to take action to recover your money.

It does not matter if the investment has collapsed and the perpetrators have run off. Action may still be possible to recover funds.

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Safe Or Scam is a membership site dedicated to protecting the investment capital of our members

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If consulted BEFORE investing we can save you from financial loss, stress and heartache. If consulted AFTER investing we can identify undisclosed risks, omissions and false statements. We can then work with you on investment recovery actions.

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The Problem

The number of false, misleading and scam investments being promoted to the public is increasing. They often appear highly credible, low risk and are sold by very persuasive sales teams. Often this is just a smokescreen. The projects fail. Websites disappear. Phone calls and emails go unanswered. Investors are left high and dry with no idea of how to recover their investment.

The Solution

SOS can review all elements of the investments and provide investors with personalised guidance on potential recovery options. We  help to form investor action groups to pursue recovery actions. We track down the perpetrators and hold them to account. We can involve solicitor partners when necessary and will do our utmost to recover investor funds.

How We Work

We undertake a full review of your investment from first contact through to the present day. Once the review is complete you are free to take your own action or to instruct SOS to work with you on a recovery action. SOS recovery actions are normally undertaken on a no-win no-fee basis for a percentage of what is recovered. Please contact us for more information.


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Star ratings

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St John’s Asset Management

St John’s Asset Management (“SJAM”) is selling scam investments to the general public.  This is not to be confused with St John’s Asset Management Ltd which is a genuine firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. ...

Carlauren Group

Carlauren Group sells bedrooms to investors in what it primarily describes as “care facilities” e.g care homes.  An associated Carlauren company then rents those rooms back from investors paying an annual rent e.g 10%.  So.... an investor...

OurSpace Partners LP

OurSpace Partners LP is a Scottish Limited Partnership which raised funds for the OurSpace workspace Ponzi Scheme. A Scottish Limited Partnership ("SLP") is a structure which contains two types of partner. They are called Limited Partners and...

Carlauren Group

Safe Or Scam, in collaboration with a business recovery and insolvency practitioner firm, and a respected UK law firm, has informed investors in Carlauren Group properties of an action designed to protect, preserve and potentially recover their...

Phenco Oil Scam

Phenco Ltd has lost a case brought by a Safe Or Scam client in the High Court in London and will now be wound up by Order of the Court. Phenco was one of the five oil scam companies controlled by Martin Finch, Glenn King and David Hyman. The Order...

Seabrook and Hythe Property Management Ltd

Seabrook & Hythe Property Management Ltd was dissolved on 25th June 2019. It was a company associated with the family of Matthew Cullum

MCI Sales Ltd

Safe Or Scam successfully recovers money for investors in short term bonds issued by MCI Sales and TSM Corporate Services

Wellington Capital Group

Wellington Capital Group is a scam organisation focused mainly on investors in the Far East. The company claims to offer “comprehensive wealth management for clients seeking exceptional service and returns” by introducing investors to share...

Access Corporate – May 2019

Access Corporate Ltd was a money mule company used by the binary option fraud which operated under the name of StratXMarkets. SOS was able to trace some of the payments made by a client to a Metro Bank account which we believed was owned by Access...

Allansons LLP

Allansons Litigation Funding was a scheme operated by the law firm of Allansons LLP.  In June 2018 we warned potential investors that we had serious concerns about this investment proposal. See HERE. In late May 2019 investors received a letter...

Osage 1 Ltd

Osage 1 Ltd, one of the scam UK oil companies operated by Glenn King, Martin Finch and David Hyman, was taken to the High Court in London over an unpaid royalty debt.

Prosperity Developments

Safe Or Scam has started an investigation into three more Prosperity developments. We are interested in Tameway Plaza, The Parade, and Prosperity House.

Binary Option Scams

On 22nd May 2019 one of our clients will be represented in the High Court in London in a case involving Access Corporate Ltd, a money mule which collected investment money from investors on behalf of binary option scams. One of these companies was...

OurSpace Flop

Last week Kevan Halliwell presented his latest rescue plan - the OurSpace flop. As it turned out it was a complete waste of everyone's time. As you will see below, Kevan Halliwell didn't even check with the administrator of OurSpace Investments Ltd...

OurSpace Trickery

This week Kevan Halliwell was up to his usual Ourspace trickery. Yet another dishonest offer to investors designed to enrich himself. First of all he tells investors that if they send him more money they will be buying an asset that is at a massive...

OurSpace CEO Update

On 11th April 2019 Kevan Halliwell sent out an Ourspace CEO Update email. He is handing the hat around once again to the poor investors who have invested $30m into his companies. He has turned that $30m into $4m in the space of little over two...

Phenco Oil

An update to Phenco oil investors was sent out by Martin Finch on 4th April 2019. In brief it said [paraphrased]: Chainbox Technology has been contacted by several shareholders and Safe Or Scam. As a result Chainbox has decided to withdraw its...

European Property Coin – 6

We are pleased to announce that, at a hearing in the High Court in London on 27th March 2019, the Judge granted a winding up order over Clear View Marketing Services Ltd, the operator of the scam digital currency known as the European Property...

Osage 1 Phenco Oil

The five oil companies of Kansas B2 Project Ltd, Kansas MB Project Ltd, Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd, Osage 1 Ltd and Phenco Ltd, fronted by Martin Finch but controlled by two shadow directors, Glenn Jamie King and David Alexander Hyman, use a company...

European Property Coin – 5

Safe Or Scam has been working with European Property Coin investors to explore ways to expose the EPC scam and to hold the people involved to account. A hearing has been scheduled at the High Court in London for 27th March 2019 at which our...

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