Insolvency Investigations Scam – HSG Investors

Insolvency Investigations Scam - HSG Investors.
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Insolvency Investigations Scam – HSG Investors

Insolvency Investigations Scam – HSG Investors 300 233 SOS Team

Insolvency Investigations Scam – HSG Investors.

A company calling itself Insolvency Investigations Ltd is operating a follow-on-fraud scam initially targeting investors in High Street Group (High Street GRP Ltd). See below for details of the email which has been sent to investors. There is a UK company called Insolvency Investigations Ltd – LINK to Companies House Details. It is unlikely that this company is involved in the scam, but it cannot be ruled out. Scammers look for established companies and clone their company details to give the appearance of being legitimate.

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Sent:  [date redacted]
To: [recipient redacted]
Subject: Information from Insolvency Investigations

Client Reference: [reference redacted]

Dear [name redacted]

This correspondence is to provide you with further transparency in reference to the administration process of the High Street Group. Previous communication made by us to yourself would have called attention to the fatal financial constraints that the High Street Group found themselves in. Regarding the sale of the company, we have been unable to negotiate a sale which would have allowed a full take over from a third-party company. We have unfortunately made the decision to complete a full liquidation process of the company instead of going ahead with the initial route of an administration process.

Our accounts team have indicated that you are one of the few clients who are yet to return their claims form referencing your investment into the High Street Group. As previous correspondence confirmed, all clients must submit a claims form (even if you already have settled a FSCS claim) to allow us to complete the financial auditory of the company prior to the completion of our administration process.

If you have not received a claims form within the last two weeks or need assistance filling one out, please contact our claims department on 0800 029 1956 for further assistance. You will need to quote your client reference.

Please consider this an urgent matter which will require a swift response, as we will no longer be able to assist any clients past [date redacted].

Yours sincerely,

Roger Baxter
Head of Compliance – Insolvency Investigations Ltd

Address: 4 Brooks Drive, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle SK8 3TD
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0800 029 1956
Company Number: 08254270

Just to be absolutely clear – Insolvency Investigations is running a scam and will be asking the intended victims to pay them. Investors should never respond to any email like this.

This scam is using the domain name of This domain name was only registered on 9th January 2024.

It is worth noting a few points.

  1. the email was sent to a genuine HSG investor so where did this scam operator obtain the email address ?
  2. Genuine insolvency firms do not use intermediaries to write out to creditors;
  3. The operator of this scam is very up-to-date with events involving High Street GRP. The Joint Administrators have recently declared that HSG will be moving from administration to liquidation. Whoever is responsible for sending out this email appears to have had some inside knowledge. It is likely it would be someone who has been involved in selling the High Street GRP product or involved in the insolvency. It is clearly someone who has access to a lot of HSG investor contact details and it is likely the person would have a history of dishonesty or criminality.

High Street Group investors seem to be targeted on a regular basis by scammers claiming to be involved in the insolvency process, or claiming to be able to help investors get a better result from the administration, or claiming to be able to recover money from some of the parties involved. We have covered the activities of one of those companies, Insolvency & Law Ltd, in a series of articles. The first one can be viewed on this LINK.

The Joint Administrators of High Street GRP would have investigated the potential to make claims against Castle Trust and Management Services, the legal firms advising HSG and the various accountancy firms. The fact they have decided to move HSG from administration to liquidation and are not seeking to be appointed as the liquidators suggests that their lawyers didn’t feel there were any viable claims which could be made. If anyone had a potential viable claim against any of those parties it would have been the Joint Administrators.

High Street GRP will now move to liquidation and the case will pass to the Official Receiver. That’s not bad news for investor creditors because the Official Receiver has the power to look into all aspects. We are certain he/she will want to look at approaches made to investor creditors which resulted in them paying large upfront fees for nothing.

We have been able to link the Insolvency Investigations scam to another two scam groups. One of them is the Ezzon Management scam which can be viewed on this LINK to the article.

Insolvency Investigations Scam – HSG Investors.


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