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June 2018

St Helier Capital Management – Update 1

St Helier Capital Management – Update 1 150 150 Adam

Further to an earlier post on this subject, Safe Or Scam has now received a letter from a “Mr Simon Whittley-Ryan, Director, St Helier Capital Management Ltd”. This is new. Perhaps Simon Whittley has married a Miss Ryan in the last few weeks because the Company Director registered at Companies House from 18th February 2016 until the present day is Simon Timothy Whittley. There is no mention of a Whittley-Ryan. We found an Aislinn Whittley-Ryan who is a director of Brockingbury Stud Ltd with the address of Brockingbury Stud Ltd, Brocking Croft, Roast Green, Clavering, Saffron Walden, CB11 4SQ. Documents filed at Companies House for St Helier Capital Management Ltd refer to the company’s registered office having been at the same address.

If we wanted to find Mr Whittley-Ryan we would probably go to this address first. If you are an investor in St Helier Capital Management and are concerned about your investment you can keep up to date at

McLaren Price – Binary Options Scam

McLaren Price – Binary Options Scam 150 150 Adam

Safe Or Scam has recently updated our website on binary options scams to cover McLaren Price Ltd and McLaren Price Solutions Ltd. These companies are now dissolved but it is a straightforward process to have them reinstated should investors choose to so do. SOS has been able to track down the people behind these companies and will shortly be taking action on behalf of our clients. For information on this company, our updated list of the ‘mules’ who collected and laundered money for the scam companies, and the people known to have been involved in binary option scams – please visit our binary options scams WEBSITE.

Essex and London Properties – June Update

Essex and London Properties – June Update 150 150 Adam

Safe Or Scam is working with a small group of investors to obtain a leading barrister’s opinion on the potential for civil claims against some of the participants in the Essex and London Properties fraud. In all around 500 investors paid into this investment scam. We are hopeful that the opinion will support our view that there are recovery options available to investors.

Allansons Litigation Funding

Allansons Litigation Funding 300 300 Adam

We have recently reviewed the Allansons Litigation Funding opportunity on behalf of a client who was considering investing in this product. We highlighted a number of concerns which we advised our client to raise direct with Allansons Solicitors LLP before making an investment. We would not invest our own money in this product.

There have been further updates on the Allansons Litigation Funding investment. Please click here to view the next article.

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