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March 2019

Osage 1 Phenco Oil

Osage 1 Phenco Oil 300 233 Safe or Scam

The five oil companies of Kansas B2 Project Ltd, Kansas MB Project Ltd, Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd, Osage 1 Ltd…

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European Property Coin – 5

European Property Coin – 5 150 150 Safe or Scam

Safe Or Scam has been working with European Property Coin investors to explore ways to expose the EPC scam and…

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Aston Darby

Aston Darby 150 150 Safe or Scam

At the request of a client we have been looking into the Aston Darby Harbour Car Parking investment near Glasgow…

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Shepherd Cox

Shepherd Cox 150 150 Safe or Scam

Shepherd Cox Ltd aka The Shepherd Cox Group “operates in a range of market sectors including residential, commercial, hotel and…

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The Care Home Group

The Care Home Group 150 150 Safe or Scam

THE CARE HOME GROUP / CARLAUREN GROUP The Care Home Group Ltd is part of the Carlauren Group Ltd and…

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Signature Group

Signature Group

Signature Group 3000 3000 Safe or Scam

Signature Group/ Signature Living / Signature Works / Signature Capital – Hotel Rooms / Workspaces / Car Parking Plots  / …

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