European Property Coin – 5

European Property Coin – 5 150 150 Safe or Scam

Safe Or Scam has been working with European Property Coin investors to explore ways to expose the EPC scam and to hold the people involved to account.

A hearing has been scheduled at the High Court in London for 27th March 2019 at which our principal investor will present evidence against the company operating the European Property Coin scam – Clear View Marketing Services Ltd. This company also goes under the name of Clear View Trading.

We have now identified 29 UK bank accounts associated with the scam and we expect to be able to identify the owners of those accounts so that prosecutions can follow. This includes accounts operated under the name Asset Recovery Network, a fake liquidation firm which persuaded investors to send more money in order to release non-existent funds they claimed to be holding for them. Many of these bank accounts are personal accounts owned by scam salespeople.

We will update investors once the judgement has been given.

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