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Shepherd Cox Ltd aka The Shepherd Cox Group “operates in a range of market sectors including residential, commercial, hotel and leisure” according to an email received by Safe Or Scam on 26th February 2019. The email was from Adam Stanborough, Founding Partner of the Shepherd Cox Group. It was very brief and only contained the following statement:

“Further to your website, please remove the reference to Shepherd Cox. Your accusations are untrue and are not supported by any evidence.”

We make no secret of the fact that we are very concerned over care home room and hotel room investments. These are very high risk investments but are represented as being low risk. We took a look at Shepherd Cox Ltd and could find no reference to Mr Stanborough being “a founding partner”. He certainly isn’t listed as one at Companies House.

Then in a bizarre twist on 28th February 2019 we received an email from James Yarker, Sales Director of Fortem Global Ltd, one of the unregulated sales agent companies selling this high risk investment. Their email was also very brief and said:

“Further to your website, please remove the reference to Fortem Global. Your accusations are untrue and are not supported by any evidence.”

This surely has to be the height of laziness i.e to write exactly the same two sentences as Shepherd Cox but just replace the words ‘Shepherd Cox’ with the words ‘Fortem Global’. Needless to say they did not identify the parts of the website that they take issue with. We stand by our comments about these high risk schemes.

On 6th March 2019 we received another email from Adam Stanborough. When we say another email it was simply the exact same email he had sent on 26th February. Presumably we will get another one from Fortem Global very soon.

We are genuinely concerned for investors who have invested in care home rooms and hotel rooms. We are now undertaking a more thorough investigation of Shepherd Cox group and would like to hear from investors in any of their products whether it be residential, hotel rooms, commercial or leisure. Please contact us.

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