OurSpace Partners LP

OurSpace Partners LP 2000 1333 Safe or Scam

OurSpace Partners LP is a Scottish Limited Partnership which raised funds for the OurSpace workspace Ponzi Scheme. A Scottish Limited…

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Phenco Oil Scam

Phenco Oil Scam 400 267 Safe or Scam

Phenco Ltd has lost a case brought by a Safe Or Scam client in the High Court in London and…

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MCI Sales Ltd

MCI Sales Ltd 450 676 Safe or Scam

Safe Or Scam successfully recovers money for investors in short term bonds issued by MCI Sales and TSM Corporate Services

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Access Corporate – May 2019

Access Corporate – May 2019 400 267 Safe or Scam

Access Corporate Ltd was a money mule company used by the binary option fraud which operated under the name of…

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OurSpace Flop

OurSpace Flop 500 333 Safe or Scam

Last week Kevan Halliwell presented his latest rescue plan – the OurSpace flop. As it turned out it was a…

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binary option scams

Phenco Oil

Phenco Oil 3000 2000 Safe or Scam

An update to Phenco oil investors was sent out by Martin Finch on 4th April 2019. In brief it said…

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Shepherd Cox

Shepherd Cox 150 150 Safe or Scam

Shepherd Cox Ltd aka The Shepherd Cox Group “operates in a range of market sectors including residential, commercial, hotel and…

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The Care Home Group

The Care Home Group 150 150 Safe or Scam

THE CARE HOME GROUP / CARLAUREN GROUP The Care Home Group Ltd is part of the Carlauren Group Ltd and…

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Tristone Holdings Ltd

Tristone Holdings Ltd 3000 2000 Safe or Scam

Tristone Holdings Ltd is a new oil investment offered by the people behind Osage1, Phenco, Kansas MB, Kansas B2 and Sooner Energy, established by Glenn King

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OurSpace Website

OurSpace Website 150 150 Safe or Scam

The website we established for investors in the collapsed OurSpace workspaces investment is under maintenance and will be back online…

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