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Coastal Supported Living Scam.

This week we have written two articles concerning a group of people who have known each other for a long time and who have been involved in numerous scams.

ARTICLE 1  –  LINK to Intercare Wealth Scam

ARTICLE 2  –  LINK to Parkmount Group Scam

This the third article covering the companies of Shuma Ali / Shuma Noor-Ali and Shuma Noor who we believe is the same person.  Shuma Noor is the name currently being used for directorships in several new companies seeking to move into the provision of supported living services for vulnerable people.  She is doing so in conjunction with her husband, Ansar Noor (this is not his real name – he is really Ansar Ali).  Considering the history of the people involved we are very concerned that this is a scam.

The glue which binds this all together is the residential address of 2 Scratton Road, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 0NZ.  It is a very nice 8-bedroom family home which was advertised for sale in 2017 as can be seen on this LINK.  It is also the property listed as either the registered office or the correspondence address for many of the companies.

Shuma Ali is the wife of Ansar Ali who is covered in ARTICLE 2.  Both of them are linked to the 2 Scratton Road address.  Here is a LINK to a company called B2B Solutions (GB) Ltd.   This company has Shuma Ali and Ansar Ali as directors.  Ansar Ali’s address was at 2 Scratton Road before it was changed to 8 Corringham Road which is a high street commercial property address.

For a while Shuma Ali became Shuma Noor-Ali.  She was involved in several businesses with Ansar Ali.  The two we would like to focus on are Lettings1st Ltd and Elite Jewellery (International) Ltd. 

Here is a LINK to the Companies House register for Lettings1st Ltd.  Note that both Shuma Noor-Ali and Ansar Ali are registered at the 2 Scratton Road address.

Here is a LINK to the Companies House register for Elite Jewellery (International) Ltd.  This company is interesting for two reasons.  The first is that the company name is similar to the name of Elite Gems Ltd which was owned by Ansar Ali and Sami Raja.  ARTICLE 2 contains links to that scam and to the subsequent arrest and imprisonment of Sami Raja. The second reason it is interesting is because it had three company directors – Shuma Noor-Ali, Herman Liu and Abdul Mukith.  We’ve come across Abdul Mukith before.  He was involved in the Essex and London Properties scam which we have reported on in detail.  Here is a LINK to our December 2020 article which confirms Abdul Mukith has been charged by the UK Police and is facing criminal charges in connection with that scam.

Here is further evidence that Abdul Mukith is also known to Ansar Ali.  Twenty years ago they owned a restaurant together.  LINK to Plaza UK Ltd filing. In 2018 they were also both appointed to a charity linked to their mosque.

Now Shuma Ali has morphed into Shuma Noor.  Let’s look at her timeline.

July 2008  –  Shuma Noor is co-director of Contract Car Solutions Ltd with Ansar Ali.  LINK to Companies House website.

June 2016  –  Shuma Noor forms a company called Essex Property Investments Ltd.  LINK to Companies House websiteIt’s registered office is currently 2 Scratton Road.

August 2016  –  Shuma Noor forms a company called Everest Building Services.  LINK to Companies House websiteShe gives her correspondence address as 2 Scratton Road.

December 2018  –  Shuma Noor forms Horizon Hotel Group Ltd.  LINK to Companies House websiteIt’s registered office is 2 Scratton Road.

In 2020 there appears to have been a decision to move into Supported Living.  We won’t keep providing links to the Companies House entries, but the following companies either have the 2 Scratton Road address OR the address of Chantry House, 10a High Street, Billericay, England, CM12 9BQ.  This is an address also favoured by a director called Adam Ali, who we believe is really Ansar Ali.

All of the following Shuma Noor companies are linked to one of these two addresses:

January 2020  –  Coastal Living Southend Ltd  –  (Chantry House);

June 2020  –  Southend Assets Clearance Ltd  –  (Scratton Road);

July 2020  –  Coastal Supported Living CIC  –  (Chantry House);

July 2020  –  Coastal Supported Living C.I.C  –  (Chantry House)  –  note this is not the same organisation as the other July 2020 company.

December 2020  –  Coastal Housing CIC  –  (Chantry House);

February 2021  –  Rosebuds Supported Living Ltd  –  (Scratton Road);

April 2021  –  Coastal Supported Living and Care Ltd  –  (Chantry House).

Below is a copy of the ‘About Us’ page from the website.

Website_About Us – Coastal Supported Living 

This page is very interesting for two reasons.  The first is that it says “Shuma works alongside her husband Ansar Noor who owns Coastal Estates”.  There is a company called ‘Coastal Estates Ltd’ but it has nothing to do with Ansar Noor or supported living.  The second is “The Branch Hotel now houses over 20 rough sleepers…..”  So now we know that ‘Ansar Noor’ is associated with The Branch Hotel.  This brings us full circle back round to Rav Singh Dhillon in ARTICLE 1 – LINK.  The Branch Hotel is the investment opportunity being offered to investors on the UKPropertyClub website !

But, there’s a problem.  According to UKPropertyClub the Branch Hotel investment is a Parkmount Group property.  As described in ARTICLE 2 – LINK, Parkmount Group Ltd is allegedly owned by ADAM ALI, not Ansar Noor.

It’s clear that Shuma Ali uses the aliases Shuma Noor and Shuma Noor-Ali, and Ansar Ali uses the aliases Ansar Noor and Adam Ali.  It all looks very, very dodgy and explains the Coastal Supported Living Scam.

We recently wrote to Samantha Reeder,  the manager of the supported living company.  There is no suggestion that she is anything other than an innocent party.  We will direct her again to all three articles so that she has a fuller understanding and we’ll see what she does with the information. She has a duty to report any concerns.

In recent years supported living, care homes, nursing homes and other ventures claiming to support vulnerable people have become targets for scammers.  They are latching on to investor sentiment where investors are keen to make more ethical investments.  There have been notable high profile failures such as Carlauren Group, Qualia Care and St Camillus to name three.  Between them well-meaning investors have paid around £150m into those scams and they have all collapsed with big losses for investors.  This is not an industry which should tolerate any questionable activity.  There is no legitimate reason why genuine people entering these markets should use false names.  It points to another scam in which investors will end up losing their money and vulnerable people will find themselves caught up in a stressful situation not of their making.

Coastal Supported Living Scam.


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