Essex and London Properties Criminal Charges

Essex and London Properties Criminal Charges

Essex and London Properties Criminal Charges 300 300 SOS Team

Essex and London Properties Criminal Charges.

It has taken a long time, but finally seven parties involved in Essex and London Properties have faced criminal charges and been named as defendants in a criminal trial.

The seven defendants appeared at Southwark Crown Court on 19th November 2020.  See below for a copy of the court hearing details.

We have been investigating the Essex and London Properties scam for more than two years (see this article in 2019) and are working with a group of investors on a civil claim against some of the parties involved.  The claim does not involve the seven men charged above, although we will see what comes out at trial and whether they are convicted.

We note that nobody associated with Jade State Wealth Ltd is on this list.  That is a surprise. Jade State Wealth and a whole host of other Graham Arnott companies are, or have been, involved in a network of companies used by scammers to help facilitate investment scams.  Those companies are linked to at least 12 investment scams that we know.  If anyone has any information on investment scams, frauds or defaults which involve a Graham Arnott company please let us know.  Mr Arnott’s reach extends beyond providing escrow bank accounts, payment services, the preparation of company accounts and provision of smokescreen “security trustee” services (which when called upon provide no protection whatsoever to investors).  He was also a director of Pactum Law Ltd, a law firm which represented Yoni and Vanessa Bashorun who ran a scam sales agent company.  We received some letters from Pactum Law threatening legal action a few years ago when we were exposing the fake digital currency ‘European Property Coin’.  Graham Arnott’s company provided financial services to that scam too.  Also, and it by no means a coincidence, one of the defendants named above, Florian Pierini, went on to set up European Property Coin.  The scammers network is a relatively small circle with the same names cropping up all the time.

More on Graham Arnott and his companies early next year.  We intend to publish articles on the parties which provide services to scammers.  It will not be those parties which get tricked once or twice into providing a service to scam investments, but those who do it time after time and are never held to account.

Back to the Essex and London properties criminal trial.  All seven of the defendants are charged with:

1.  Conspiracy to defraud investors of Essex and London Properties Ltd; and

2.  Conspiracy to launder money (as a result of the fraud).

Mr Razaq alone faces a third charge of acquiring criminal property as a result of the fraud.

Mr Tanveer pleaded guilty to counts 1 and 2 above.  Mr Razaq did not enter a plea at the hearing, but the remaining five defendants pleaded ‘not guilty’.  We will be publishing an article on the defendants before the end of the year.

We are advised that the next court hearing is in May 2021 with a preliminary trial date scheduled for February 2022.  Clearly the criminal case will take a long time before it is finally resolved.  We hope the civil case will reach a conclusion much sooner.

To view a more recent article on one of Florian Pierini’s other scams please click here.


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