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St John’s Asset Management (“SJAM”) is selling scam investments to the general public.  This is not to be confused with St John’s Asset Management Ltd which is a genuine firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  The SJAM we are talking about has stolen the identity of the real company and is using it to give the appearance of being a trustworthy company.

Safe Or Scam is instructed by investors in SJAM to trace the people behind the scam and recover their money.

One of the products that the fake SJAM offers to investors is the Saint John’s Multi-Currency Alpha Fund of Funds.  This promises investors a minimum return of 0.75% per month and is allegedly endorsed by the Financial Times, Robert Peston and Karen Brady.  Another product is the purchase of shares in companies such as Uber on behalf of investors.

So who are the people behind the scam ?  Well, they only do it for one reason – money.  We have traced three of the people who received client money into bank accounts they control.  Those three people are:

Soren Andreasen, a Danish citizen living in the UK.  He took money into the bank accounts of his company ‘Crest Security Contracts Ltd’;  and

Aren Pedersen, another Danish citizen living in the UK.  He took money into the bank accounts of his company ‘Clearline Contracts Ltd’;  and

Thomas Bishop, aka Tommy Bishop, a UK citizen who took money into his bank account in the name of ‘Parkwood Financial Ltd’.  His mum’s home address was the registered office.  Coincidentally, his mum, Julie Barclay, left the UK a few weeks after the money was deposited in the bank account and is now living in Tenerife.  She has been contacted and so far has not replied.

All three culprits have been contacted.  They are not very good at covering their tracks.  We are currently pursuing enquiries into other organisations which were involved in the fraud.

If you have invested in the fake St John’s Asset Management Ltd investment products or have recently purchased shares in UBER via an unlicensed party claiming to be “a broker” please CONTACT US. 

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