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Aren Pedersen is the director of a company called Clearline Contracts Ltd. This company is a money mule for a scam involving the bogus purchase of Uber shares, claims made in relation to Chinese withholding tax and other false transactions.

Investors are sold fake shares by people who like to hide their true identities. They then use accomplices like Aren Pedersen to accept money from investors into the newly established bank accounts of their companies. The money mule passes the money on to the scammers and keeps a percentage for themselves. They know what they are doing is illegal but they think they will not get caught. They’re wrong.

Aren Pedersen’s company, Clearline Contracts Ltd, was incorporated on 22nd May 2019 and began accepting money into its account almost immediately. Other accomplices in the scam include Soren Andreasen and Tommy Bishop aka Tommy dimwit Bishop.

We are chasing down Aren Pedersen’s current address and those of Soren Andreasen and Tommy Bishop on behalf of our clients. Thanks to those people who have provided us with useful leads. Here is a picture of Aren Pedersen. His friend Soren Andreasen is also Danish.

Aren Pedersen of Clearline Contracts

These are not the only parties involved in the scam. We’re choosing not to publish some of the others for the timebeing.

Although initially approached by one investor our articles on the activities of these three men and their involvement in the fake St Johns Asset Management Multi-Currency Alpha Fund of Funds (what a ridiculously long title) have attracted more investors. If anyone has more information on these people please make contact.

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