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Eberhard Cramer Ltd 3000 2327 Safe or Scam

Eberhard Cramer Ltd is running a scam operation in the UK. The company has established a clone operation of an existing German company. On its website Eberhard Cramer Ltd claims to be FCA regulated. The German company is FCA regulated, but only to sell insurance products. The UK company is not regulated.

That is hardly surprising because Eberhard Cramer Ltd was incorporated in the UK on 13th May 2019 by a Mr Kevin James Atherton and has nothing to do with the German company.

The model is identical to that of St Johns Asset Management, whereby the scammers find a company which is FCA regulated and then build a website pretending to be that company. We published an article about St Johns Asset Management and give a link to that article below.

With St Johns the main people involved in that scam are Soren Andreasen, Aren Pedersen and Tommy Bishop. We believe Tommy Bishop is linked to this new Eberhard Cramer scam. Our opinion of Tommy is that he isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. In fact, he’s a bit thick. It appears to us that dopey Tommy was given the task of incorporating Eberhard Cramer Ltd but messed it up. He got the spelling wrong and two weeks earlier, on 26th April 2019, actually incorporated a company called Eberhand Cramer Ltd ! Mr Atherton had to step in and form a company with the correct spelling.

Eberhard Cramer is clearly going to be used by Tommy Bishop, Soren Andreasen and Aren Pedersen in their latest scam venture. We are interested to hear from anyone who knows their current whereabouts. We already have a lot of information on them and are working on behalf of clients to recover payments made to their companies i.e Crest Security Contracts Ltd, Parkwood Financial Ltd, Clearline Contracts Ltd.

We’re pleased we are able to publish this article before Eberhard Cramer gains too much traction. This article may help to stop these crooks from stealing a lot of money from ordinary people. We have an update on Aren Pedersen coming out later this week.

To view our previous article on these scammers please click HERE

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