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On Wednesday 15th January 2020, Kansas B2 Project Ltd was wound up by Order of the High Court in London.  The winding up petition had been brought by a Safe Or Scam client who was owed a significant sum of money by the company.  We assisted our client in bringing the case and in collecting and presenting evidence to support his claim.

Kansas B2 Project Ltd is one of five oil companies controlled by Glenn Jamie King and David Alexander Hyman through their pseudo-director Martin Finch.  Glenn King and David Hyman are also involved in Tristone Holdings Ltd and Venture Equity Ltd, although in these cases they are operating through Henry George Berry.  Henry George Berry operated from the same office address as Martin Finch, although anyone looking through the window would have just seen an empty office.

Kansas B2 Project Ltd had raised £3.18m from ordinary investors and paid out 73% of the funds as soon as they were received.  The funds were allegedly spent on “marketing, sales agents fees and commissions”.  In other words, the money was withdrawn by the people behind the scam right at the start.  They are always greedy and take out as much as they can get away with at the earliest opportunity.

It was very carefully constructed.  They had made their mistakes in an earlier version of the oil scam and had learnt how to restructure future scams to avoid repeating the same mistakes.  Fortunately they weren’t as clever as they thought.

The company turned £3,180,000 of cash into assets which it values in its accounts at £862,000.  This valuation has not been independently verified so it is quite possible that the assets are not worth £862,000.  Investors will now be in a position to find out the truth about the investment.  We hope to identify possible avenues of compensation as more information becomes available.

This is the third oil company involving Martin Finch which has been liquidated by a Safe Or Scam client.

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