Osage 1 Ltd Closed Down

Osage 1 Ltd Closed Down 400 267 Safe or Scam

Osage 1 Ltd has been closed down.

On Wednesday 22nd January 2020, the High Court in London issued a winding up order against Osage 1 Ltd.  This company was another of the scam UK oil companies which allegedly derived revenues from the operation of oil fields in the US.  The reality is that more than 75% of investors’ money was deducted the moment they paid it over.  The petitioner, Mr Bollington, was a Safe Or Scam client who unfortunately was persuaded to invest a significant sum of money in the scam.

This is the fourth company involved in the US oil scam to have been closed down by SOS clients.

In 2019, Osage 1 Ltd lost a case which alleged that the company was operating a ponzi scheme.  The company, its director and shadow directors, will now be subject to an investigation.

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