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Sami Raja Daily Telegraph.

In December 2019 we were approached by a reporter for a respected UK newspaper – the Daily Telegraph.  She was researching an article on the notorious scammer Sami Raja and asked if we could introduce investors who had lost money to him.  We introduced two SOS clients, Dennis and Kevin.  We are working with both of them to recover funds from some of their scam investments.

Kevin invested in Park First which is run by the notorious Toby Whittaker who has a record of losing huge sums of investors’ money.

Dennis invested in four separate scams having been cold-called by Sami Raja.  One of those scams, St Helier Capital Management, is run by Simon Whittley (aka Simon Whittley-Ryan).  Mr Whittley runs one scam after another leaving a trail of investor losses behind him.  With our help Dennis has finally managed to get St Helier Capital Management into court.  The hearing is on 29th January.

Another SOS client, Keith, is taking legal action against a different Simon Whittley company [ Win River Developments Ltd ] and that dispute is in court on 15th January.

Sami Raja was sentenced in absentia to 8 years in prison for his part in a carbon credit scam, but he fled to Dubai and has appealed his conviction. Coincidentally (or not), Dubai is one of the major centres of follow-on-frauds.

The Sami Raja Daily Telegraph article has now been published and can be viewed on this link:  Fraudster On The Run 


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