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A few days ago we published an article on TSM Corporate Services – see here.  We described the case of a vulnerable client we will be supporting to take the company to court. We explained that both TSM Corporate Services Ltd and MSE Managed Services Ltd were owned and operated by Matthew Cullum.

We mentioned MSE Managed Services in that article with this statement:  “One of our clients is taking MSE Managed Services Ltd to court later in January, but that’s an article for another day.……”  We are pleased to report there has been a positive outcome in that claim.  Our client has been paid in full, including costs, and we will be advising the court that the claim has been settled.

What we find puzzling is that the payment did not come from a MSE bank account.  It came came from a TSM Corporate Services Ltd bank account.  We’re not complaining because we welcome every payment made to our clients, but it does seem odd that TSM would pay someone it doesn’t owe money to, whilst at the same time refuse to pay the claim of a person that it does owe money to.

We remain very confident that our TSM client will also be paid once the company receives formal notice of the legal action later this month.


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