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Osage, Kansas and Sooner

Osage, Kansas and Sooner 300 200 Safe or Scam

Osage, Kansas and Sooner In 2019 and early 2020, four SOS clients worked with us to close down four oil…

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OurSpace and Kevan Halliwell

OurSpace and Kevan Halliwell 300 200 Safe or Scam

Ourspace and Kevan Halliwell OurSpace was the brand name of a collapsed ‘virtual workspace’ scheme established by Kevan Halliwell and…

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Anthony Marks Westway Holdings

Anthony Marks Westway Holdings 300 291 Safe or Scam

Anthony Marks Westway Holdings As a result of our investigations we are able to inform the general public that Anthony…

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Aston Darby Investor Action

Aston Darby Investor Action 300 238 Safe or Scam

Aston Darby Investor Action. On 10th May 2020 Safe Or Scam initiated a repayment claim for £850,000 unlawfully obtained from…

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Westway Holdings and Joseph Griffin

Westway Holdings and Joseph Griffin 300 238 Safe or Scam

This is a bit of a hurried article due to events unfolding fast with Westway Holdings and Joseph Griffin. Readers…

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Westway Holdings Warning

Westway Holdings Warning 300 233 Safe or Scam

Westway Holdings Warning. This is a brief update. This morning we received this message from a Westway Holdings investor. I…

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Shepherd Cox Hotels Legal Action

Shepherd Cox Hotels Legal Action 400 267 Safe or Scam

Shepherd Cox Hotels Legal Action Shepherd Cox has filed a defence to the legal action brought by ten Safe Or…

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Westway Holdings Legal Action

Westway Holdings Legal Action 300 200 Safe or Scam

Westway Holdings Legal Action. We have been investigating Westway Holdings for quite some time and have closely followed the diversion…

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Fraud Recovery Inc

Fraud Recovery Inc 300 233 Safe or Scam

Fraud Recovery Inc claims to be “an experienced and expert online fraud recovery company” but is in fact perpetrating a…

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Allansons LLP Liquidation

Allansons LLP Liquidation 500 333 Safe or Scam

Allansons LLP has gone into liquidation.  This was the company which fronted the Allansons Litigation Funding investment.  There is further…

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