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Longview Financial Services Scam

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Longview Financial Services Scam

This week we have reported on two different follow-on-frauds aimed at victims of investment scams.  The articles can be read on these links Blumarble Capital Follow-On-Fraud and FFCC-org.com Scam – High Street GRP.

Today we are reporting on a third follow-on-fraud.  This one is called Longview Financial Services.  Yet again, this one follows a standard format which we have seen many times, but in this case it has raised its game and is more professional.  A new form has appeared presumably to add a veneer of respectability, but the form doesn’t make sense when compared to the other forms.  More on that later.

There was a company called Longview Financial Services Ltd in the UK, but it changed its name to Prosperity Mortgage Solutions Ltd on 4th August 2022 – LINK to Companies House entry.  Is that a coincidence ?

The Longview scam is aimed at investors in Minerva Bonds, but that doesn’t mean they won’t expand it to other investor groups in the future.  One of the documents contained a list of investors and the amounts they were due to be refunded.  We recognised many of the names because they have either contacted us in the past about Minerva or they have invested in other scams and contacted us about those.  It is a sad fact that once a sales agent gets his hooks into an investor he will persuade them to invest in the next scam which pays him high commissions.  We have been contacted by people who have invested in as many as eight separate scams.

It is rare to have three follow-on-frauds launched in quick succession.  There has been a lull in these kinds of scams for a couple of months.  Follow-on-frauds are carried out by organised criminal groups and they make huge sums of money operating them.  They may have UK phone numbers, but they are often not in the UK.  There are huge floors of scammers operating out of call centres in Eastern Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong, China and India.  They are very difficult to trace and that is why they are able to get away with it.  The sudden pick-up in follow-on-fraud activity suggests that one of these groups has been on a recruitment drive.  They like to run several different follow-on-frauds at the same time so that they spread the net wide.

Here is the email which is sent by the Longview Financial Services Scam.

From: Longview Financial Services


To finalise and conclude your account we require your TRLAN (Trade Reference License Agreement Number), which will have been provided to you by your former investment company when you purchased your unregulated investment. Please find time to look through your documentation and sales invoices that you will have received when you initially paid for your assets.

We require the 16-digit reference number which begins with the initials AD. At your earliest convenience please provide this to your agent immediately so we can request for NatWest Bank to authorise your account and release the outstanding funds across to you via cheque or bank transfer. The TRLAN allows the bank to release payment to you without the need of any 3rd parties having to receive any funds on your behalf. As your former investment company is unfortunately in receivership, they can no longer accept any funds on your behalf, therefore the responsibility will remain with the asset owner (account beneficiary).

If your TRLAN has expired or you can no longer locate the relevant documentation with the 16-digit reference we can apply for a temporary license just to enable you to receive your capital, the temporary license required will be £XXXXX GBP which will be fully reimbursed back to you on the same day as your investment proceeds.

We appreciate your full cooperation in finalising your account. We would like to add that once this process has been completed it will conclude your dealings with our company. You will be receiving the total amount of £XXXXXX GBP which includes all reimbursable payments after the TRLAN has been completed on request of the bank.

With immediate effect please contact your advisor so we can finalise your account accordingly on 0203 576 0503. 

Yours sincerely,

Justin Bailey

Registered address: 4 Cornhouse Buildings, Claydons Lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7UP
Trading Address: 16 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QN

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0203-576-0503
Company Number:  09696180

The company’s domain name of longviewfsuk.com was registered on 26th July 2022 i.e 23 days ago at the date of writing this article.  They haven’t even bothered with a website.

Here are the documents they send out with all identifying marks removed to protect the identity of the investor who sent it to us.  The person who sent the information is another man who regularly contacts us.

Longview Financial Services Scam Guarantee_REDACTED

Longview Financial Services Scam Creditors Form_REDACTED

Longview Financial Services Scam Invoice_REDACTED

Longview Financial Services Scam NTRN1_Application_Form

The final form NTRN1 is an odd one.  We haven’t seen that before.  It’s out of place because it refers to an organisation called UEthical and appears to be a form to register for an investment.  That is the last thing a victim of a scam would want to complete and it has nothing to do with Longview Financial Services.  We have only briefly looked at UEthical.  Their website says they are an Australian investment firm which has been operating for decades, but the website domain was purchased three years ago and it was privately registered i.e the ownership details are not public.  On the plus side they paid upfront for eight years which is unusual.  Longviewfsuk.com was only purchased for one year and that’s much more typical of scammers.  The fact that Longview included a unnecessary form which is all about investing with UEthical suggests that they should rename themselves from Longview to UDumbos.

Longview Financial Services Scam.  Do not give them any money !  They will run off with it.


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