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Blumarble Capital Follow-On-Fraud. It’s a scam.

We were recently sent these emails from an investor we shall call John.  John is someone we have known for a very long time. He is regularly pestered by follow-on-fraudsters claiming to have recovered his money and he knows to either ignore them or play along to see what information can be extracted.

Dear SOS

I was ‘cold called by a MARK COOPER from:—

Blumarble Capital Limited . — Company # 08289607 — address is First Floor, 39 High Street, Billericay, Essex, CM12 9BA.  [SOS Comment:  This is a genuine company but the caller would not be from them. He is a scammer. Scammers like to pretend to be from companies which have ‘capital’ or ‘finance’ in their names because it makes them sound more appealing to their intended victims].

Mark claims that they have been appointed by The Insolvency Service to manage the return of our funds from the compensation fund regarding Essex & London!

Great news eh? Particularly as they say all of our invested funds are there simply awaiting release. I told him if there are any ‘up front’ charges to release the funds I am not interested. He persisted…

I pointed out that many companies, particularly ones with the word ‘CAPITAL’ in their names, had previously contacted us, all requiring ‘up front’ payments’ to release our lost funds. We are not paying anything ‘up front’. He persisted…

I was polite but firm with him. Me…. “NO ‘UPFRONT’ PAYMENTS” so we might as well end the conversation now.” He said they would send details through to me, also gave me a direct line to The INSOLVENCY Service (*0330 133 4729) and a personal Reference to quote.

Yesterday I received their paperwork with their invoice for their 10% fee which would be “held securely in Escrow for fees pertaining to the acquisition & sale of your investment portfolio derived from Essex & London Properties amounting to the total funds invested.”

There are documents purporting to be from their director Mr STUART PETER WILSON. “The fee is refundable no later than five working days following the release of your funds by Escrow….”  They, Blumarble Capital Limited, claim their “primary function is the private facilitation of financial intermediation services”. There are all sorts of wonderful guarantees etc.

Obviously it all looks to me likely another Scam possibly following on from all the latest crew who seem to all have ‘CAPITAL’ in their titles. Seem to be very similar to the ones where you were able to prove that I had been sent 2 falsified copies of passports from their alleged officers.

This lot have also supplied me with a Headed Notepaper… The Insolvency Service— Investigations and Enforcements Service:—


DMB 460


They again provided the direct line * Tel # 0330 133 4729 & have also have again given me the individual reference to quote if I wish to check things out.

Not the ‘proper’ Tel. # for The Insolvency Service which I have as 0300 678 0015 as per their (.gov) website.  The headed (The Insolvency Service) document purports to have appointed them to have the… “legal right to act on the case of Essex & London Properties Limited to assist the investors in helping them to recover any tradable assets available and/or monies owed upon transposition of their portfolio held under European Securities Markets Authority control.” …..and so on, you get the drift.

Are you interested in above?  I can copy all the ‘blurb’ to you if required.

[SOS Comment:  Our reply was an obvious ‘Yes’].  John then sent us another email (below).

I did call their ‘The Insolvency Service’ (“TIS”) number & spoke to a Gareth ???? who explained that the transaction had to be done by an ‘Unregulated Company’ as the claim was to an UNREGULATED COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT SCHEME (UCIS) dealing with unregulated funds held in Escrow where some dubious transactions had been taking place between the parties.

 Gareth further said that as I was one of the parties involved with a claim no ‘regulated’ company could be used for the UCIS transactions. Also my 10% fee was fully guaranteed including by the Director of Blumarble & the guarantees ensured that it would be returned within a few days of the transaction being successfully completed.

I mentioned that the information I had been given by you in the past which is that TIS would never be using any company that made ‘up front charges’ (Bear in mind that I was speaking to a person supposedly a Insolvency Service employee but knew it was not the true number for TIS.  He again said it had to be done by an ‘Unregulated Company’ as it was a UCIS.

I queried the HMRC reference because that is not TIS & Gareth sad TIS was a part of HMRC..

To my question as to how the company who had approached me (Blumarble) profited from their efforts:– Gareths answer was that after all was done succesfully Blumarble would then submit (I think it was) a C54 form to them (The Insolvency Service) at which point the Insolvency Service would pay them 5%.

He further said that this was a taxpayer benefit provided by the insolvency service to facilitate the unregulated service….Within a half hour Blumarble themselves called me back, I avoided the contact…

The documents provided to John were high quality and very believable. They could well fool a lot of people. The key things to remember are:

1. The Insolvency Service does not use third parties to handle their cases; and

2. The Insolvency Service will never charge a fee to release recovered money to a creditor; and

3. No matter how credible and professional the documents might be, always ask a knowledgeable friend, or a solicitor, or a financial professional, or your bank, for their opinion. If you can, contact the Insolvency Service but never use the number the scammer has given you. Look up the number for the Insolvency Service online. Ask them about the message you have received. They will confirm it is a scam. You can report scams on this LINK TO THE INSOLVENCY SERVICE ONLINE REPORTING PAGE. 

Blumarble Capital Follow-On-Fraud.


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