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FFCC-org.com Scam – High Street GRP

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FFCC-org.com Scam – High Street GRP.

Investors in the collapsed High Street Group (High Street GRP Ltd and associated companies) investment are being contacted by a scam company calling itself ‘Fraud and Financial Crime Consulting’ using the domain name of ffcc-org.com. This domain was only registered in March 2022 so it is clearly a scam.

However, this is not the usual run-of-the-mill follow-on-fraud. These guys have done their homework and they know a bit about the progress of The High Street GRP administration. It is very unusual for follow-on-fraudsters to know this level of detail. We have copied the email they have been sending to investors.

We have been appointed by parliament to investigate and prosecute The High Street Group and associated companies.

We have been made aware that all creditors are confused and unsure of the current situation surrounding their investments and have been receiving conflicting information from various sources, claiming to be administrators, liquidators and various services offering aid and guidance.

We suggest that you DO NOT communicate with any of these parties.

We now have sufficient proof and evidence that The High Street Group and its associated companies are part of an organised criminal network. We would like to make it clear that your investment into the High Street Group was never used in any form of construction, development or its intended purpose.

We are prosecuting and convicting Gary Forrest and The High Street Group with money laundering, embezzlement and the intent to defraud members of the public.

They have raised funds through unsecured creditors, offering unrealistic returns while they could have raised capital through secured lenders such as Banking institutions at a much lower interest rate which is a telling factor that this was a planned, organised and highly sophisticated deception to raise capital.

This is a highly sophisticated and coordinated scam that has taken advantage of the UK construction and financial sector, for their own financial benefit only.

As this was a planned and sophisticated scheme, the liquidation process has been instigated and controlled by the perpetrators. Your personal details have been shared which is a breach of data protection, with other companies masked as a face of help but indeed are part of the sophisticated way of damage limitation to their enterprise and exit strategy and we strongly advise not to communicate with [COMPANY NAME REDACTED] and “SKSI”, as they are personal friends and acquaintances of Gary Forrest.

We want to make it clear that we have been appointed by the UK Parliament and are government appointed to tackle organised crime and we are a free service and will never ask for any form of fee.

If you have been in contact with any other company, you must contact us immediately.

We have managed to freeze, seize and recuperate undisclosed assets of high value and are working with the Government Enforcement Agency as well as a Government Appointed Administrator to ensure your funds are returned and you are compensated fairly.

The more time passes, the more evidence is currently being buried. Gary Forrest and its connecting companies are advising creditors not to share information with us or the Police and are forcing delays with promises of updates but in doing so are delaying our investigation  which will cause delays on reimbursements. Any money not claimed will be lost and kept by Gary Forrest and his team.

Any individual who invested with The High Street Group, with the intendment to defraud, will receive additional compensation on top of reimbursement of original capital.

Please confirm by reply to this email for more information.

Kind Regards,

Mark Heffer
Director | Fraud and Financial Crime Consulting

Investigation Line: 0207 117 2979   

It’s quite convincing. They know about Gary Forrest, they know about the activities of the company and they know the names of two organisations involved in the administration. By the way, we have published our own article on SKSI which you can read on this LINK.  Suffice to say we are tempted to agree with these scammers on that point and we think they must have been reading our articles. The administration is extremely suspect. We have redacted the name of one organisation despite not being entirely convinced that this company is acting in the best interests of investors. It is charging them a percentage of what is recovered through the administrations, despite the likelihood being that now that High Street GRP and associated companies are in administration the investors (as creditors) would get that recovery anyway without the involvement of this company. We believe they have preyed on the investors’ ignorance. If an honest insolvency firm was running this administration there would be no need for a third party charging investors a percentage of their recovery.

However, that’s the only thing we do agree with in the entire email because the rest of it is just a scam. This will not end up being free to investors. They will ask for money because it is a scam. The fact that they know a fair bit about the operation suggests to us that these scammers were insiders, most likely the salespeople who sold the investment. They always know they are selling a scam and they are always quick to profit from selling investor lists as soon as a dodgy investment collapses.

The High Street GRP Ltd group is another large scam which should be (and may well be) subject to a Police investigation.

If you were taken in by their email and you made contact with these people you should not pay them any money no matter what story they tell you. Your money will be stolen.

FFCC-org.com Scam – High Street GRP.


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