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Many thanks to the people who have contacted us regarding the Advisors For Excellence scam. Advisors For Excellence is a fake share scam whereby investors are being cold-called and are told that they own shares that they knew nothing about. The alleged value of the shares is pitched at a very high level to get people on the hook.  The scam also includes a company allegedly called “Kurt Berlo” which can allegedly vouch for Advisors For Excellence. It has a nice looking website too. The problem for both of these scam organisations is that their domain names were both registered on the same day which was 29th November 2019. These companies are only a few weeks old.

If the Advisors For Excellence scammers have the intended victim’s phone number they will start with a phone call out of the blue. If not, it will be a standard introductory email.  Here’s one of their typical follow-up emails after they’ve called an intended victim.

From: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>


Following your conversation with one of our representatives, please find attached, the documentation required for you to complete and sign to process the sale of your shares.

i. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
ii. Private Share Purchase Agreement (PSPA)
iii. Payment Settlement Agreement (PSA)

Please confirm receipt of this email.

After your perusal, we ask that you initial each page and sign each document where indicated this will allow us to process your sale and execute all legal processes.

Once all documents have been completed please send back the signed copies to the email address stated.

Send your signed documents in a good legible order.

Once your documents have been returned they will be submitted to the compliance department to ensure all is in good order.

If however you do not wish to actively pursue the sale,  then please notify us by return so we can forward you a Notice of Default which you need to complete and return so we may notify the relevant parties involved that you do not wish to proceed.

We are currently processing a large amount of applications regarding this matter and therefore we are facing specific deadlines and would ask that you return your paperwork promptly so as not to delay proceedings.

Should you have any questions regarding the completion of these documents, please contact your representative  by email or phone on the numbers given.


Joseph Goldberg

Administration Team |  [email protected]
Tel +1(917)-773-3929     43-30 147th Street, 2nd Fl, Flushing, New York 11355


The branding quality for the Advisors For Excellence scam is very high. For many people the thought of having free shares which they didn’t even know about, coupled with the quality of the branding and the legal jargon in the documents, is enough to make them believe it is a genuine opportunity. It is a scam. As can be seen from the documents below Advisors for Excellence has put a lot of effort into the scam. They ask their intended victims to pay money into “an escrow account”. If anyone does pay their money over that will be the last time they ever see it. It is likely the situation will get worse because the scammers will want more. They always do.

Below are some documents used by Advisors For Excellence in the scam. Any identifying text has been removed to protect the source. We can guarantee that the pdf files are virus-free.

2_Advisors for Excellence_NDA_REDACTED

3_Advisors for Excellence_Private Stock Purchase_REDACTED

4_Advisors For Excellence_Stock Purchase and Escrow Agreement_REDACTED

5_Advisors For Excellence_Verification Instructions_REDACTED

The important thing is that we’ve seen these documents before in other share scams so it doesn’t matter what the company is called. In this case it is Advisors For Excellence but it could be any name. The principle is the same – nobody ever has free shares they didn’t know about – EVER. It’s too good to be true which means that it isn’t true ! NEVER PAY WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THEY HAVE FREE SHARES YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT.

Finally, to make matters worse, if anyone pays money to the Advisors For Excellence / Kurt Berlo scam (or any other similarly structured share scam) it doesn’t end with that payment. They will always go back to their victim for another bite. Typically they will say that they need a bit more money to complete the deal. If the victim pays that extra money the scammers will come back again and again to get more money each time. This will continue until the victim says enough is enough. That’s when the scammers will turn nasty. They will say the victim signed agreements which means he/she is legally obliged to pay their fees. They will say they have lost money in the share transaction and if the victim doesn’t pay them $XXXX to compensate them for their losses, they will sue the victim in the US and make them bankrupt. For many people who have little knowledge of the law it will be the first time they have ever been threatened in this way. Some will pay more money believing the threat to be true and because they are worried about being sued in the USA. Of course the threat isn’t real because they are fraudsters, but they will prey on the victim’s distress.

To summarise – Advisors For Excellence is a global share scam. Do not pay them. Report the approach to your law enforcement authority.


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