Carlauren Group is in Administration

Carlauren Group is in Administration 500 500 Safe or Scam

Carlauren Group is in administration. There’ll be no more important business meetings like the one shown above (Mr Murray on the yacht he bought for the company with investors’ money).

Please read this link to a BBC article on the result of the Carlauren Group administration hearing.

Late yesterday Quantuma LLP issued this update below:

To all investors and creditors of the Carlauren Group (“the Group”).

Please note that as of 2.31 pm today, Carl Jackson of Quantuma LLP and Philip Duffy of Duff and Phelps were appointed as Joint Administrators of Carlauren Group Limited (in Administration) and Casarian Holdings Limited (formerly Carlauren International Holdings Limited) (in administration) and a number of subsidiaries of the Group.

Following the appointments, the Joint Administrators are taking control promptly of all Group companies with a view to preserving all assets within the Group and protecting the interests of all investors and creditors. Please note that Mr Sean Murray no longer has any authority to deal with any assets of the Group companies and all communication in relation to creditor and investor interests should be directed to the Joint Administrators, contact details below  – 

The Joint Administrators will be conducting a detailed and extensive investigation into the affairs of the Group and the application of all investor funds. Whilst the strategy for recovery is yet to be determined, the Joint Administrators’ intention is to maximise the value of assets within the estate. We will keep all investors and creditors updated as matters progress.

So now investors can expect to find out how more than £76m of their money was spent.

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