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Scam Alert is a Scam is a Scam 300 233 Safe or Scam Support is a scam linked to Market Effects, Brokers Community and Traders Insurance Bureau. Mark Edward (not his real name) is working his socks off to find as many ways as he can to scam investors. All four of the organisations mentioned above involve the same team of scammers.

Mark Edward is so desperate to get money from investors that he is hitting them from all sides with all kinds of weird and wonderful stories. He is sending out so many emails and whatsapp messages to investors that it has become quite confusing. In the space of one week he has told investors that they are dealing with Market Effects which is working with Brokers Community alongside Traders Insurance Bureau which is collaborating with Co-operate Insurance. The truth is that this is all one big scam aimed at binary option victims.  If investors don’t buy his first story about how they will recover all their money it’s not a problem because he has other stories he can fall back on.  Each one has a different way of conning investors into thinking he can recover their money.

A couple of days ago he was telling investors that Market Effects was working with Brokers Community and they would pay back 100% of the investment + 80% of the profits (the profits never existed – it was a scam). All the investor had to do was pay money to a bitcoin dealer to buy bitcoins which could be used to pay Brokers Community. As we described in our earlier article this is a classic money-laundering operation. Bitcoins are untraceable so once an investor transfers the bitcoins to the scammer they will never see Mark Edward or their money again.

Two days later he is sending out this email below. It is basically the same as his other emails except this time instead of Brokers Community paying the investor it is Traders Insurance Bureau which is allegedly going to pay the investor. He advises people to start the withdrawal process by visiting . Here is his email to investors:

This message is to serve as a confirmation of your investment with [Name of Binary Option Scam].

Traders Insurance coverage in conjunction with Traders Insurance Bureau have registered against losing your investment with the [Name of Binary Option Scam] trading platform. International Traders Policy registered the fact that you have lost your investment with [Name of Binary Option Scam].

 Your policy registered number is XXXXXXXXX.

 This policy has been in full effect since 18.02.2014 with no lapse in coverage and a high level of recovering success.

 In conclusion, Traders Insurance Bureau must pay the insurance coverage to you immediately, but we need your confirmation. You will withdraw your 100% initial investment plus 50-85% of the estimated profits.

To start the withdrawal process you need to visit our website

Or contact us +442038078218

We pointed out in our article on Market Effects that the domain name of which was used for the email address and the website was only registered in February 2019. That made us wonder when the domain name for the was registered.

The website says “We have already recovered millions of dollars in stolen assets and fraudulent online deposits”. That is very impressive for a company that has only been in existence for 37 days. Its domain name was registered on 2nd October 2019. is a scam.

The testimonials on the website are fake. The images of the people who allegedly give the testimonials are stock images. For example, Steve Bradley who it is claimed is a Swissport employee and who really values the work done by Co-operate Insurance, is also Adam Smith, a teacher, who gives a testimonial on the Kalmar Montage website about what a great job they did fixing his roof. His image is also on the “Perth Chihuahua Rescue” website.

Another testimonial on the website is given by Jesse Rowling who is allegedly the Managing Director of THF Global Inv. But this is also the face of Bob Herman who claims to be a Coach and Mentor for Personal Health. It is also the face of Mag Richards who gives a testimonial for a company called “Pest Busters”. The only pest we would like busted is Mark Edward.

Amazingly, this guys face appears again on……..the “Perth Chihuahua Rescue” website. My God, how many chihuahuas are being badly treated in Perth ? This is an international chihuahua scandal ! is a scam. The company website lists its four values. Apparently they are:

Honesty / Professionalism / Justice / Perseverance.

Under the Honesty section the company states “I work for people like you, folks, who are tired of the deceptive business practices pervasive in the retail mutual fund industry, and who are tired of suffering greater risks, higher fees and lower returns than they should”.

Err…… first of all this is written in the singuar which suggests that is just one person. Secondly, the whole basis for the website is that it claims to be all about “recovering money from binary options, forex and cryptocurrency scams“. What the hell has that got to do with “the retail mutual fund industry” ? These guys have just copied and pasted any text they could find from any website. It is very amateurish.

Under the Professionalism section the company states “I am the owner of the largest independent planning firm in the nation, managing more than $15 billion for more than 28,000 clients both online and via 41 offices across the country”.

Err…… really ? What happened to the honesty part of their values. They’re telling some very big lies.

Of course, if anyone thinks the website statements are true and that the owner of really does manage more than $15 billion for more than 28,000 clients and has 41 offices, and that despite running such a huge business this person has so much free time that he decided 37 days ago he would rather trick scam victims into changing their cash into bitcoins to send to him, and that he has already recovered millions of dollars for investors in just 37 days…… then that person should probably consider writing to the Australian Prime Minister to draw his attention to the great Perth chihuahua scandal.

If anyone is foolish enough to believe the Market Effects, Brokers Community, Traders Insurance Bureau and scam after what we have written here, they should pack their bags and get on a plane because the Perth chihuahuas need their help !

To view our previous article on Mark Edward and his portfolio of follow-on-frauds please click here.


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