Cottesmore Associates Update 1

Cottesmore Associates Update 1

Cottesmore Associates Update 1 300 224 SOS Team

Cottesmore Associates Update 1.

Five days ago on 6th May 2021 we published this article [LINK] on Cavendish Incorporated and Cottesmore Associates.  We had linked the people involved in both these companies to the Texmoore scam.  We had reported this matter to the Enforcement Department at the FCA and given them details of how the various parties were interlinked.

On 7th May 2021, the day after our article was published, Cottesmore Associates Ltd’s status as an Appointed Representative of Cavendish Incorporated Ltd was cancelled.  This means that Cottesmore Associates Ltd is no longer able to claim that it is FCA-regulated.  Here is a LINK to the FCA entry.

However, that has not stopped Cottesmore Associates having one last roll of the dice at stealing money from investors.  Despite not being FCA-regulated the company has been contacting people who had made investment enquiries giving them the ‘hurry up’ message.  Here is a copy of their email:

I hope you are well.
Regarding your previous online enquiry, today, we have attempted to contact you by telephone.
At a time most convenient to yourself, we look forward to further introducing a new opportunity – a Property Bond (Loan Note), that is:
Fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
Offering fixed-rate annual returns, upwards, of 6%.
For further information, at no obligation, please suggest the best time/s to speak and we will be happy to help.
Kind regards,
Michael Stern

Senior Representative | 

Cottesmore Associates Ltd |

phone:  020 3970 9785



address:  12 Chapel Road, Ilford, England, IG1 2AG

So what about the top company of the two – Cavendish Incorporated Ltd.  Well, that’s still FCA-regulated for the time being.  According to its last accounts it has been doing pretty well.  It was formed in July 2019 and in its first year of operation it is showing net assets of £2.2m (if you believe the filing at Companies House).  It’s amazing that just before these accounts were filed it was ‘all change’ at Cavendish Incorporated with directors leaving and new directors taking over.

If you think that’s impressive it is nothing compared to Ledbridge Consultants Ltd [LINK to Companies House].  This is the company which has registered a charge over Cavendish Incorporated Ltd.

We could go into a lot of detail about these two companies, but suffice to say that the links to the Texmoore scam are many. Ledbridge Consultants Ltd has had meteoric success (if you believe the filings at Companies House).  We don’t.

One of the reasons we don’t believe the account filings which show large surpluses of cash is because of our old friend Barbara Kahan.  Here we go again….. Barbara is 90 years old and has formed more than 30,000 companies. Go back through our blog articles and you’ll see she comes up a lot. The thing about Barbara is that the companies she forms are shell companies. They don’t trade. They are formed so that scammers can buy them ready-made with no questions asked.  Hence the term ‘shell company’.

Scammers bought Ledbridge Consultants Ltd from Barbara in September 2018.  Six days later they filed the company accounts.  Those accounts ran for the period from February 2017 – February 2018 i.e the period while Barbara was in control.  Barbara must have been on a hellish cocktail of drugs because despite NEVER doing any business with any of her shell companies, she turbo-charged her walking frame and, if the accounts are to be believed, was shooting around doing deals left, right and centre.  The accounts filed at Companies House show that in that period, whilst Barbara was in charge, the company reported it went from Nil assets to assets of £6.8m !  Barbara has to be up for Businesswoman of the Year.  It’s not the first time the Texmoore group of scammers have filed false accounts.

Tomorrow we will publish details of the third scam perpetrated by the same people.

Cottesmore Associates Update 1.


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