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Information on Scams

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We greatly appreciate the information on scams and scammers that we receive from people who take the time to complete the Contact Form.  We do not need to know the identity of the provider, but we do need a valid email address (even if it is a hotmail, gmail etc) because there will normally be follow-up questions.

For example, this week two people have contacted us with information, but have not given a valid email address.

The first relates to a person who we know well and who has altered his name slightly in the latest scam. Thank you to the informant who has given us some limited information, but we have nothing we can publish to warn the public. We would like you to contact us again and give us a valid email address so we can email you with a few questions about the latest scam.

The second involves a recent article and relates to information regarding two alleged investigations into an individual.  We need evidence to support these allegations because if we were to contact the organisations carrying out the alleged investigations they would refuse to comment. We need something like a copy of an email or a letter from those organisations or another way that we can verify that the investigations are genuinely taking place. We cannot publish articles on something as serious as someone being under investigation by regulatory bodies unless we have evidence to prove it.  We will not publish anything contained in the proof which may identify the source, but if we have the evidence we will be able to publish that the investigations are taking place. We have already written to the company under whose umbrella the alleged offender is working to ask them to comment on whether they are aware of any investigations into this person. Please use the Contact Form again and provide a valid email address. We will then contact you to ask you to send through any proof.  You may blank out any marks which might identify you because we are only interested in being able to prove that the allegations are true.

Anyone who wishes to provide information on scams but would prefer to remain anonymous should set up a hotmail or gmail account and use that on our Contact Form Page. We quite often have to email informants to gather a bit more information before we can publish an article.


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