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A scam calling itself Investments Global Ltd is contacting people who have lost money in binary option frauds to inform them that it is holding large sums of their money in escrow and really wants to pay the money over.  It is the usual ploy of requesting payment from the intended victim so that this large, non-existent sum can be released. There is no money held in escrow – it’s a scam.

There is a company registered at Companies House under the name of Investments Global Ltd, but this is most likely a case of identity fraud where the scammer is using the name and address of a legitimate company and will ask the intended victim to pay their money into a money mule account.  If you check the people tab at Companies House you will see the current director is a man called Alessandro Gandini. Correspondence from the scammer is signed with the name of Alessandro Gandini so at least the scammer has made an effort to keep it real.  Interestingly, I noted that when the company was formed in 2006 the registered director was a company called Trumpwise. Now there are two words you don’t normally see going together !

This scam is really pretty shoddy.  As one investor put it “the letter looked like it had been printed at home on a bubble-jet printer”.  The scammer’s command of English is also poor.  We’ll upload a version of it later this week, but we wanted to get this warning out as quickly as possible.

This scammer doesn’t even know any of the details of the original investment, referring to holding money from a sale of shares that the intended victim had purchased.  The original investment scam was actually short-term binary option trading.  The investor didn’t buy any shares.

Be warned – this scammer has obtained investors’ telephone numbers and is both writing and telephoning them.  If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from the UK company Investments Global Ltd and who says the company has money held in escrow, report the matter to Action Fraud.



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