Simon Whittley-Ryan Response

Simon Whittley-Ryan Response

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Further to our Article published yesterday (click HERE) we are publishing extracts from the Simon Whittley-Ryan response. His response did not specifically address the points in our Article with evidence to support his position. It was more of an attack on SOS for highlighting the financial position of his companies. We made it clear that if he were to provide evidence of any errors we would correct them. He seems to have a particular dislike of one of our senior investigators who wrote to him.

Cease and Desist from this activity immediately and remove all defamatory and libellous content concerning me, my colleagues and anyone else associated with my businesses forthwith.

We will evidence this email in Court of our refusal to engaged in any form of discourse with you, save this email repudiating your actions and our further denial of comments/statements that you post to your or any other website globally.


We have tracked you down ……….. and you will shortly be hearing from our solicitors who will pursue you with, I quote, extreme prejudice. Our legal advisers are now investigating possible criminal charges against you for your blatant financially motivated fraudulent activity.

We are now aware of who you really are, what you are and where to find you……. How is the weather in [CITY] this evening? 

Any statements emanating from you are without foundation and predicted in lies and falsehoods and entirely fabricated to serve your own ends. Preying on vulnerable investors and attacking business carrying out their lawful and legitimate business and thereby putting those very investors financial interests at risk is illegal and will not be tolerated. 

You have been given ample warning and opportunity to comply with our demands to remove forthwith all defamatory content and take down the website that has infringed on our copyright and IP……...

You have been further warned and we will take whatever legal steps are necessary to protect our business and the interests of our investors and creditors. This matter will now not go away even if you do. Your deliberate and malicious self-serving actions have been highly damaging to our businesses and most importantly our investors and creditors so now you will pay.

Simon Whittley-Ryan

Managing Director

St Helier Capital Management Ltd.

This is fairly standard stuff when we highlight the actions of people who have misled investors.  They normally go on a rant venting their anger claiming we are the bad guys for daring to request that our clients be paid what they are owed in the contracts.  Unfortunately for Simon Whittley-Ryan his claim to have investors’ best interests at heart doesn’t stack up when all of his companies are in default on their debts. One of his companies has just been wound up by a creditor, another is midway through a winding up petition brought by an investor, another investor has today lodged a winding up petition with a solicitor against a third company owned by Whittley-Ryan, and another client of ours has advised that he intends to file a winding up petition against a fourth Simon Whittley-Ryan company in September.  Mr Whittley-Ryan’s trail of unhappy investors is a very long one.

We have sympathy for any business which has genuinely fallen on hard times through market conditions or losing a major customer etc because that can happen, but that is absolutely not the case with Simon Whittley-Ryan. He is ruthless when it comes to exploiting investors. He has at least four companies which have all followed on from each other in raising millions of pounds from investors and they have all defaulted on scheduled interest payments and capital repayments, leaving ordinary investors facing huge losses. He has been paying for his extravagant lifestyle using investors’ money and when that money runs out he simply incorporates a new company and does it all again. It is not just investors who have suffered at his hands. We have also been contacted by contractors who have undertaken work for his companies and they claim not to have been paid either. Other parties have also contacted us to provide information. We have promised to respect the confidential nature of that information and will not publish it.

Now that it has been reported Simon Whittley-Ryan is effectively running Avianta Capital Ltd, which owns the investment fund based in Ireland, we are very concerned for investors in that venture.  Our recommendation is that they insist on strict controls over their investment funds.

Our response to his email was as follows:

Dear Mr Whittley,

As you have not refuted the claims made in our article nor provided any evidence in support of your position we shall take that as an acceptance that our article is accu犀利士
rate and shall publish same.

The weather in [CITY] is 12C with a 50% chance of rain and winds of 5km/hr. 


The Team

Safe Or Scam LLC

To view an update on another of Simon Whittley’s companies, Win River Developments Ltd, please click here.


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