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UCIS Advice Point News.

Just when we thought we had finished reporting on UCIS Advice Point we discover another very serious situation.  For those who are interested in reading the full UCIS Advice Point story it’s all here on our blog pages.

The latest discovery relates to a man called Andrew Eastham who made contact with a number of St Camillus Care Group investors.  St Camillus is a hotel room scam along the lines of Shepherd Cox, Carlauren Group etc, but with a particularly unsavoury twist.  They buy poor quality hotels and then sell the bedrooms off to the general public for a 400%+ profit.  The sale comes with the usual 5-year guaranteed rentals of 10% per annum which they cannot possibly pay out of the meagre operating revenues.  It’s a scam.  They also include the usual unachievable buy-back promise where there is not a hope in hell of the buy-back ever happening.  We have been investigating the activities of St Camillus Care Group for some time.  We were initially contacted by a Hong Kong investor, and we are now assisting more investors in their attempts to recover their money from the St Camillus group of companies.  We will be publishing a separate article on St Camillus in the near future.

Back to UCIS Advice Point.  Here is an email below from Andrew Eastham who is a key person in UCIS Advice Point:

On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 Andrew Eastham andrew@ucisadvicepoint.org.uk wrote:

Dear Investor,

We are delighted to tell you that funding has now been agreed for your claims to be pursued by [Law Firm].

You will shortly receive confirmation from [Company Name] requesting your confirmation that you are happy for [Law Firm] to contact you.

You will then receive an email from [Law Firm] with all the necessary documents for your perusal and signature.

If you have any issues please don`t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Andrew Eastham, for UCIS Advice Point

As previously reported, the key member of UCIS Advice Point is Neil Bromage who has also been convicted of a financial crime [LINK].   However, it gets worse.  Andrew Eastham has also been convicted of a financial crime [LINK].

Andrew Eastham is a former solicitor who stole £150,000 from the estate of a deceased client and was sentenced to a 2 year and 8 month prison sentence in October 2018.  He wrote the original will for that client.  What is very concerning is we know in addition to introducing investors to a law firm, Andrew Eastham has also been offering to write wills for investors.  We also suspected that UCIS Advice Point was also involved in using investor details to promote unsolicited investment proposals.

We would ask anyone who has had any contact from UCIS Advice Point to report it to us.  We are aware that UCIS Advice Point has been writing out to investors in a number of scams offering their services.

LATEST NEWS:  We are in receipt of a letter from ‘ANDREW EASTHAM – LEGAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES’ which states that Andrew Eastham is a partner in UCIS Advice Point.

Update 27th February 2021 – Following information received we are satisfied that the UK company and law firm mentioned in the email were not working with UCIS Advice Point and we have deleted their names from the email.

Update September 2021 – UCIS Advice Point Limited has been dissolved, but the people behind it have been sending out invoices pretending that the company is still alive. See this latest report – LINK.


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