Vital Corporate Solutions Scam

Vital Corporate Solutions Scam

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Further to our earlier article on the Vital Corporate Solutions scam in Dubai, more people have come forward to describe how they were also tricked into sending money to this company.

Vital Corporate Solutions FZ LLC aka “VitalUAE” has been allowing scammers to pass money through its bank account in return for payment. It has been acting as a cut-out company i.e preventing investors from discovering the ultimate destination of their money. Enquiries to the company are met with a wall of silence.

The Managing Director of the company is Amanda Perry. One has to assume that she would be fully aware of the company’s activities. She claims to be an expert in UAE licensing laws so she would have known that Vital Corporate Solutions was not authorised to provide financial services. She would also have known that the company is required to verify the source of the funds being paid into its bank accounts to ensure that money laundering is not taking place.

Wendy Francis-Best is described as the Client Engagement Manager. If that was the case, why was there no engagement with the people who were paying large sums of money into the company account ? Nobody at Vital Corporate Solutions acknowledged any of the payments received by them because they did not know who made those payments and they did not want to know. The company turned a blind eye as long as it was getting its cut.

Luda Sheremet is described as the Head of Operations. It’s fair to assume that a Head of Operations would have been aware of the vast sums of money flowing through the company’s bank accounts.

Then there is Qaiser Mehmood who is described as the Public Relations Officer. He seems to be drawing a salary under false pretences. We have written to Vital Corporate Solutions three times making very serious allegations about their role in providing a money mule service for investment scams and nobody from the company has made contact. The Public Relations Officer is probably wondering how the hell he is going to explain what they have been doing.

So far the company has adopted a ‘keep your head down’ approach to enquiries hoping that this will blow over. It will not. Our clients are increasing in number and they have paid a lot of money into the Vital Corporate Solutions scam bank account, much of which has simply disappeared. We want to know where it went. In fact, we will not stop drawing attention to the company until we have the whole story.

We tried to engage with Vital Corporate Solutions seeking their assistance in tracing the onward payments made into its bank account. We wanted to know the role of the company in the scam, details on who instructed it to accept the money and clear evidence of where the money was sent.  Neither Amanda Perry nor any of her staff responded.

There is no doubt that ‘VitalUAE’ provides a vital service, but it appears to be predominantly available for thieves. Anyone considering doing business or partnering with this company should consider whether it is a wise move, especially as there are so many unanswered questions and the situation is likely to get much worse.

We believe it will transpire that Vital Corporate Solutions FZ LLC does not only allow its bank account to be used for scams, but that it also provides company formation services to the scammers to help them hide the money. The company is in very dangerous territory because a law firm is now involved with the aim of initiating proceedings against the company and its officers for facilitating a fraud. The clients will be seeking to recover the funds from the assets of the company and its officers.  We will publish regular updates on the case against Vital Corporate Solutions as events unfold.

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