Westway Holdings Legal Action

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Westway Holdings Legal Action.

We have been investigating Westway Holdings for quite some time and have closely followed the diversion and delay tactics employed by the company.  Those include the sale of an imaginary bond (which is not mentioned anymore) to the recent involvement of a Romanian citizen who, it is claimed, will play a key role in refinancing the business to the tune of around £20 million.  He appears to have a background in bitcoins which is very worrying. Bitcoins are the currency of choice for scammers due to the fact they are untraceable.

Investors were being contacted by Gulsen Ejder of Your Options Ltd – LINK TO THEIR WEBSITE HERE – who has been trying to get them to switch their unregulated bonds into the new non-existent fake bonds offered by Westway and its new Romanian friend.  The bond was apparently being offered by a new company called Envision Development Group Ltd – LINK TO COMPANIES HOUSE HERE.

Your Options was formed in February 2019 and offers “ISA, pension and investment advice“.  We thought a company had to be FCA-regulated to offer this kind of advice but they don’t show up on the FCA register.  That’s not surprising.  We note the Cyprus connection which is also not surprising considering the heritage of some of those involved in this scam.

We have now started a Westway Holdings legal action for a small group of investors who have decided that they have had enough. We will be writing to the investors who have already contacted us to invite them to join.  The action will be led by a UK law firm.

We would like to offer our thanks to the person who provided us with important information recently. We are occasionally given information which we do not publish unless it can be verified through another source.  We have checked the claims with an independent third party who was able to confirm the most crucial elements. We are now confident that the information is correct. We will not be publishing this information but the anonymous informant can be assured that we are acting on it.

Any investor who wishes to join the legal action should contact us via our Contact Page.

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