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Whatsapp Scam Doing The Rounds

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Whatsapp Scam Doing The Rounds.

Here is a report of a Whatsapp scam that people should look out for.  The intended victim receives a call from a number he/she does not recognise. They then return the call which goes unanswered, but a whatsapp message is sent back instead.  This was reported to us on a Sunday night and by 10 am the next morning the money mule account had been frozen.

Scammer:  Hi mum, this is my new number. That old number you can delete. I have to look for a new device. X;  [Note – the phone number used by the scammer was +44 7555 939 847 which would have been a UK PAYG phone].

  • What happened ?

Scammer:  I dropped my phone in the loo.  I had to change my simcard. That’s the reason why I have a new number. X;

Scammer:  I only hear noise when I call you;

  •  OK

Scammer:  How are you ? What are you doing ? X;

  • All good.  Just making dinner. What about you ?  The intended victim was already thinking this was a scam;

Scammer:  I am busy with my phone. X;

Scammer:  Do you saved this number? X;

Scammer:  I lost all my contacts and pictures but tomorrow I will go to the phone shop. I hope they can fix it. X;

  • Oh no that isn’t good. Are you near the shops then?

Scammer:  Yes tomorrow

Scammer:  I am really stressed today [Sad face emojis];

  • Oh no, don’t be stressed. Love you lots;

Scammer:  I have 2 invoices due to pay today. I can’t bank because of the water damage. Can you help me pay? I will sort it back tomorrow. XX;

  • I still haven’t worked out if this is Chris or Eve [two laughing emojis].  The intended victim was smart enough to realise that this was a scam so she made up the names of two children to see how the scammer would respond.

Scammer:  Chris mum [two laughing emojis];

Scammer:  Can you help me pay the invoices? X. I will sort it back tomorrow;

  • What account? Send me the account name, number and sort code. I’ll do it tomorrow;

Scammer:  I have to pay it today, can I send the payment details?

  • OK

Scammer then provides details of the money mule account:



SORT CODE:  60–83-71

AMOUNT:  £2,104

Scammer:  This is the invoice, can you send a picture if the payment is done? I have to proof that the invoice is paid;

Scammer:  Is it done?

Scammer:  I have to proof that the invoice is paid, they will increase the bill [crying face emoji].

At this point the intended victim stopped communicating and contacted us.  The intended victim filed a report with Action Fraud and we sent an email to a UK Police Officer who deals with cyber-crime. He was able to freeze the money mule account.  The intended victim did not lose any money, but some people are certain to have fallen for it.  Now the authorities should investigate Joshua Morris to find out his role in the scam.

Please note scammers will use different phone numbers and different money mule accounts, but if you are contacted in this way it is likely to be a scam.

Whatsapp Scam Doing The Rounds.


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