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Airborn Investments Scam

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Airborn Investments is running a follow-on-fraud scam against investors in several collapsed investments e.g Essex and London Properties LP, Store First etc.

There is a genuine company called Airborn Investments Ltd which has been in existence in the UK since October 2011. It appears to have had a complete change of management team in March 2019. Lots of director resignations and new appointments.

This company lists its business as “fund management activities”, yet a check on the Financial Conduct Authority register reveals that that the company is not an authorised fund management company. Normally we would expect a fund management company to be registered with the FCA. We don’t know if the Airborn Investments company writing to investors is this one based in Salisbury, or is a clone of that company which is simply using their name and address as a false identity. It does not matter at this stage.  What we know for certain is that the correspondence sent by Airborn Investments is a scam.  It is a follow-on-fraud established with the sole aim of persuading victims to part with more money.

Here is a link to the unsolicited letter sent out by Airborn Investments. Client details have been redacted to protect his/her identity.

Airborn Investments _Redacted

If you receive any emails or letters informing you that your investment has been recovered, been sold or is held in an escrow account, and you just need to pay a fee to release the money then it is undoubtedly a scam.  This letter even uses the logos of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the Prudential Regulation Authority on its letterheaded paper.

Report the matter to your local law enforcement authority and do not pay any money to any party which claims to have recovered part or all of your investment .


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