Carlauren Group Has a New Spokesperson

Carlauren Group Has a New Spokesperson

Carlauren Group Has a New Spokesperson 500 333 Safe or Scam Support

Carlauren Group has a new spokesperson. It is Mr John Joannis. He was the first ever owner of a room with Carlauren Group and allegedly bought rooms at Latimer Lodge. Mr Joannis even owns the restaurant at Latimer Lodge. That’s a bit unusual.

But…. here he is now. Arm in arm with Sean Murray. Leading some kind of promised recovery. We’re not going to rubbish it because we don’t know enough about the proposal. Nobody does. It is very short on detail. We’ve copied their email below and also our response to it. Of course, our response isn’t entirely serious because the Carlauren Group proposal also isn’t entirely serious. It appears to be another attempt to mislead investors.

On Fri, 25 Oct 2019 Customer Relationship Department


Dear Valued Client,

By way of a further update as promised previously this week, we can confirm that you will be contacted directly by Mr Joannis, on behalf of the company representing studio owners.

We are now in a position to present an offer to you all. However, under the current circumstances we believe a personal conversation with yourselves, or appointed agent, and Mr. John Joannis would be more appropriate. We would therefore ask that all interested parties’ email [email protected] with a suitable contact number that he can reach you on, to discuss this offer.

Please appreciate that due to the sheer number of studio owners it may take a few working days for Mr Joannis. to make this call once he has received your email 

Kind regards,

Customer Relationship Department

Hey John,
We are an appointed agent of some of the clients. Would love to discuss the latest plans. Any chance we can meet on one of the yachts ?  We’re not champagne people.  Cava is good enough for us but I know Sean does like his little luxuries.
We weren’t aware there was a company “representing studio owners”. That’s a bold statement to make because we represent quite a few studio owners and have never heard of this company ‘Casarian’.  Honestly John, you need to do something about your website. It’s only one page. Have you run out of money ? See here for the website – it’s not very good.
If we can’t meet on one of the yachts can we meet in one of the studios at Rosewell or Windlestone or Balmoral or Headway etc ? We’ll bring a few camping chairs, some warm blankets, a flask of coffee and a couple of umbrellas so we can be comfortable. Who needs a roof anyway ? Don’t you think it’s disgraceful what the elderly expect from a care home these days ? They just don’t appreciate the Carlauren lifestyle model ! 
Unfortunately none of these properties have any toilet facilities so maybe we won’t bring the coffee. We can’t make a drink on site because there’s no water. There’s raindrops so we’ll bring some pots and pans and a camping stove. Give it an hour and we’ll knock up a hot drink. 
Not sure who is writing the Carlauren updates because they aren’t brave enough to sign them anymore. We assume it is Sean but he is keeping his head down because he has made so many false and misleading statements he needs to be able to say to the court “don’t know who wrote the latest email to investors. Must have been an employee whose gone rogue….”. 
REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to hearing the latest plans. It’s not another bitcoin idea is it ?  Not one of Sean’s best ideas. We’re not sure the elderly really get virtual digital currency and blockchain technology.
It’s not a “build your own care room” kit is it ? That’s not such a bad idea because it would get you out of having to explain why there’s no money to refurbish the properties, but we’re a bit concerned because the elderly tend to struggle to control bulldozers, chop saws and industrial power tools. It could end up very messy.  
Are you planning to print money ?  That’s probably illegal but that probably won’t stop you.
You know we’re only joking. We are absolutely certain Sean is going to declare all his bank accounts and pay back all the money he has taken. If he does that then there might be just be enough to salvage something from the investment.
The timing is not good though. Do you guys know you are in court on 26th November ? You don’t want this to look like a desperate attempt to trick investors into signing away their protections before the court hearing.
We’re sure you would want to wait until after 26th November so that the court can hear the truth and then investors can make an informed decision. You seem to be in a little bit of a hurry.
Don’t you think it would be best to wait until after the court hearing so you can present this rescue plan to the Judge ? 
John, you have an interesting past. We can talk about that when we meet. Please say it will be on one of the yachts. We really would prefer that because we don’t get many perks in this job. We’ll post this letter and your response online. We are waiting for it. 
Come on John – stand up for yourself. Prove that Carlauren is not a fraudulent operation. Show us where the money went and make us eat our words….. We’ll give you credit if you can explain what happened to the money.
We’ve seen too many of these ponzi schemes and we would really like someone to prove beyond doubt that the rental payments were genuine.
The Team
Safe Or Scam LLC
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