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Black Mountain Investor Relations Scam

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Black Mountain Investor Relations Scam.

A group of scammers calling themselves Black Mountain Investor Relations is carrying out a share investment scam.  Salesmen are cold-calling investors offering shares in a company called Wavetech.  The website domain for Wavetech is signifying that it is based in Germany.

The reason why we believe Black Mountain Investor Relations is a scam is because they offered to send through two documents. One was a brochure about their own company and the other was a brochure about Wavetech.  The intended target agreed to receive the brochures, but asked Black Mountain for their website address so she could do her own checks.  The salesman told her that the website domain address was

However, this is the website domain for a company called Black Mountain Investment Company LLC allegedly based in the USA, not Black Mountain Investor Relations allegedly based in the Seychelles.  The brochure that was sent to the investor showed that the salesman’s scam uses the domain name  So he was lying.  The brochure claims that the HQ of the organisation is in The Seychelles.  That’s reason enough to give it a very wide berth.

The sales brochure sent through for the Wavetech investment was rubbish.  It certainly didn’t inspire investment because it contained no detail whatsoever.  It was a poor brochure done on the cheap.

We’re never going to get to the bottom of these companies without a lot of digging.  We’re not sure any of them are genuine.  Nobody has reported to us that they have lost money to this scam so this Scam Alert warning is as far as we intend to take it. We recommend that if you are approached by any of these companies with an investment proposition you seek independent advice BEFORE you part with any money.  Check it out very thoroughly.  If you cannot afford to lose 100% of your money then you should steer well clear because there are a lot of warning signs. Don’t risk your money.

Black Mountain Investor Relations Scam.


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