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A week ago investors were informed that Mr John Joannis would be contacting investors with Carlauren’s latest offer.  Bearing in mind the state that the Carlauren Group properties are in we were expecting something a bit special. Something that would get investors onboard. Something that would excite investors and give them some hope that the company could be rescued and ultimately be successful. We were wrong.

Carlauren’s latest offer is absolutely awful. It couldn’t really be any worse.  John Joannis is calling investors offering to buy their leasehold properties for around 17% of the price investors paid.  That is the value that John Joannis, “an employee of one of the Carlauren companies”, puts on the leasehold properties.

But that’s not all.  Mr Joannis explains that he won’t be paying any cash to investors.  They are expected to sign over their leases to the new company (we presume it will be Casarian Ltd with its Head Office in Jersey, but Mr Joannis isn’t yet prepared to tell investors the name of the company), and in return they will be given an entitlement in the new company equivalent to the 17% cash value. It is such a bad deal we struggle to believe that he is really serious. It is a derisory and insulting offer.

Mr Joannis also has to do something about his sales pitch.  Several investors have advised us that he is rude and aggressive.  He tells investors it is “take it or leave it”.  Well, if we owned any of these properties we would give Mr Joannis a very firm message. We would “LEAVE IT”.

It is not yet clear whether or not Mr Joannis is being selective in his approaches.  We don’t know if he is cherry-picking sites and offering this deal on some properties and not on others.  Time will tell as more people come forward to provide information on what Mr Joannis has been telling them.  One thing is clear.  He has been asked by several investors to put the proposal in writing.  This appears to be something he absolutely does not want to do.  Neither does Sean Murray or Carlauren Group.  If it was an attractive deal one would have thought they would be keen to write it up and send it out to investors so that everyone can review the proposal.

It is a very poor offer to investors.  Mr Murray appears desperate to stop an investigation into the missing millions.

The good news for investors is we believe that even if they were tricked into signing away their guaranteed rental payments we can put that right. We have had a very good response to our notification of the recovery action and we are still collating the responses from investors. We ask investors to be patient for a while longer. We will come back to everyone with more information very soon.

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