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Carter Lee Financial Scam

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Carter Lee Financial Scam.

A bogus company calling itself Carter Lee Financial Services is contacting investors in the Westway Holdings bond scam stating that it has buyers for their bonds.  It does not – it is a scam.

Westway Holdings has only just gone into administration but already investors are finding themselves targeted by follow-on-fraudsters.  Carter Lee Financial Services has the email addresses and phone numbers of the investors.  There are only a few places they could have got that information.

The modus operandii of the company is to claim that the investor needs “a licence number” associated with their bond. If they have the licence number the non-existent buyer will allegedly release a large sum of money to the investor (the intended victim).  Of course nobody has a licence number because they don’t exist.  However, that isn’t a problem for CLFS.  They can arrange for the intended victim to be issued with a new licence number.  All the intended victim has to do is to transfer a few thousand pounds to the CFLS bank account in Hong Kong !  That will be the last the intended victim ever sees of that money.  The fact that they are asking for GBP suggests that they are targeting UK investors.  They don’t want any currency exchange delays because this is a straightforward smash and grab raid on their intended victims.  They know they won’t last long so they want as much as they can get right now.

The Carter Lee Financial Services scam is not a very good fraud but it’s the best they can come up with in a very short period of time. The website was only constructed in April this year.

The website is hosted out of Singapore but this is yet another follow-on-fraud which registered its domain name through a company in Russia. Here’s a typical email from the administration team.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with one of our qualified advisors. 
As a neutral third party, Carter Lee has the knowledge and foresight to guide you through investment and asset sales, whether regulated or otherwise.  
We will get back to you in due course regarding your case.
If you need more information about our company, please visit our website:
Kind regards,     
Myles Reilley
Administration Team
Carter Lee Financial

Westway Holdings investors are flavour of the month for follow-on-frauds at the moment.  Sadly they are going to be getting a lot more of them because there’s more than one crook involved in that investment.

To view our previous article on Westway Holdings please click here.

Westway Holdings is in administration so the only people any investors need to deal with are the joint administrators.

UPDATE 2nd June:

Here is the Carter Lee Financial document they have been sending out to investors (investor details redacted).  It’s the usual nonsense.

Carter Lee Financial Services_REDACTED


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