Craven Capital Again

Craven Capital Again 500 333 Safe or Scam

Craven Capital again. We don’t normally like putting up lots of articles in quick succession covering the same scam, but sometimes it’s useful because it shows just how quickly these follow-on-fraudsters can adapt.

Yesterday we published this article about Craven Capital.

Around midday yesterday we informed Nat West bank that the bank account mentioned in that article was being used in a follow-on-fraud. Credit where it is due. It appears Nat West took the warning seriously and acted on it straightaway because later the same day the intended victim was contacted by Craven Capital again. They informed the intended victim that the Nat West bank account had “reached its limit for deposits under FSCS rules” so they asked the intended victim NOT to pay that account. Nice excuse, but a complete load of rubbish. They said they would give the intended victim a new account to pay into. We assume that Nat West had immediately frozen the scam bank account.

In less than 24 hours the scammers provided another bank account. It is this one below:

Bank Name:  Halifax Bank
Branch:  Croydon, UK
Account Name: K Rivera
Sort Code: 11-02-13
Account Number: 13867268


This has been reported to Halifax Bank and they have advised that they will act on it. This just goes to show how quickly scammers can adapt and that they have a ready supply of people willing to provide money mule accounts. These money mule account holders need to realise that they are accessories in a fraud and are laundering the proceeds of crime.

If the Police could act as quickly as this it would prevent a lot of ordinary people from losing their money. For the record, we did try to report the fraud to Bedfordshire Police. This is the Police authority where the Nat West account is located. We were told that they couldn’t investigate or even make contact with the bank. We were told to file a report with Action Fraud.


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